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  1. Anyone of you blades play RS? It's a nerdy game yeah, and I'm probably going to get flamed and people will say I'm 12 but whatever. If any of you blades out there play RS hit me up

    I smokeup I- lvl 111 f2p lvl 118 p2p

    Chill,chat,smoke, whatever this threads just to have some fun and meet some people. :smoking::smoking::wave::wave:
  2. ive been playing since i was 12, im turning 17 soon, i love runescape add me its JoshyMiranda

    lmao top things i love
    1. Runescape
    2. Weed
    3. Everything else
  3. lol runescape sucks pretty bad dude im not going to lie. If your 18 why are you still playing this shitty game anyhow? The only way you can be good at runescape is if you spend a whole year of your life playing it, which unfortunately, i see that you did seeing as your lvl 120. I have played it before but why don't you invest money in a good game instead of a really obvious time sink like runescape. I mean if you get WoW and spend your life on that, ATLEAST you can sell the character for like 400-500$ ifnot more.... Runescape it sells for like 50 bucks, total shit.

  4. *facepalm*

    I used to play, once they took out wilderness and PKing I dipped.

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