Run me through the smell of cannabis please also do 100w CFLS bulbs need fans?

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  1. So what stages does it start smelling extremely strong? as soon as it pops out of the soil and grows weeds?  when its 10cm long? or bigger or?, anyway to reduce the smell I don't want to make it obvious to neighbors I have this sweet storage where I can stash them there but problem is, it's right next to my outside door and as soon as I open the door smell prob will pop out, also my neighbor said the person that lived before me used to grow it and she could sense the heat through the wall every time she walked past that certain spot in the house.
    I'm thinking of just putting it in my room (no one visits) also how big do the plants get watching this video this guy has a plant size of a tree :/ I can probably only barely manage 4 foot plant max check this out

    does it need to be boxed off? can't it be on a table or something and moved around during dark periods?
    also will I need fans for 2 x 100CFLS? because they don't really get too hot?

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    Depends on the strain as when it smells. If your interested there is lower scent strains. And yes there's no way around a fan. Stale air need removed, fresh air needs returned. Also for temp control. A smaller fan needs to gently blow right above the plants causing them to flutter in the draft and strengthen the stems. So 2 fans ideally especially if your worried about smell and want a carbon scrubber. The guy in the video is outside and wants plants that tall. On the opposite end people grow small plants in solo cups. Then there's those of us that grow all the sizes in between.
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    Its better to be boxed into some kind of mylar reflective lined enclosure if possible to optimize your lights and control environment, but it can be done in your living room if you want as long as you have somewhere to put it during dark time that's completely dark, no lights. A lot of us inside growers use grow tents so we can control the environment and it keeps them safe and out of sight. A small tent for 1 plant can be fairly cheap. Tents help contain the smell so you can deal with it properly also.

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