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Run in with the cops. How lucky was I?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kray1, May 29, 2009.

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    2 days ago (wednesday) i had a little run in with the 5-0's.
    It was around 6pm, I had a long day at work, i drove over to my younger brothers house (who is 20 years old) and picked him up to toke. we drove about 5 blocks away to a semi-secluded neighborhood. this is our usual spot so we knew it was pretty safe. I parked my car and started to roll a blunt.
    next thing you know i see a cop pull over behind me, I didnt have time to hide my stash so i just threw everything under my seat. the cop came over to my window and asked what i was doing and checked my license. I told him i was just about to leave and that i had came from the park. I guess he didnt buy it and told me to get off. (at this time i already knew i was going to get handcuffed). he took me out and handcuffed me and asked me how much weed i had in the car, (i guess he smelled the weed). i decided to be honest and told him i had a little over an 8th. he then asked me how much cash i had, i told him over 200$.
    he took me in his car and they searched my brother and told him to sit on the curb. they didnt handcuffed him or anything. they found my stash and my weed and both the cops came back and ran our names in their little computer. at this time both officers and i were in the cop car. he knew i was clean with no records or what so ever, he then asked me how much do i get a quarter for? (i live by oakland btw) and i told him i get it for $80 and he said that is pretty cheap.

    he then said "listen, im going to let you go in exchange for this (holding up my stash) fair trade?" i said "yes sir!". he got me out of his car and uncuffed me, as i was just about to start my car he yelled out "dont do anything worse than weed!" (not sure if there was any pun intended but i guess weed is ok to him?) he then yelled back saying "Ill be seeing you again" which scared the shit out of me.
    anyways, i drove off and i realized i had a freaking bud just enough to roll a fatty in my cup holder. i swear that was not there before and it dawned to me, that the cop wasent so bad afterall or was that a lil set up?...

    btw while i was in the car these 2 cops who looked to be in their mid 30's were bumping 106.1 kmel, which is pretty much a hiphop/r&b station here in the bay area.

    Im not familiar with the law on Marijuana here in california but how lucky was i? what was the worst that they could have done? with the amount of weed and cash i had could i have easily been put to jail?
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    sounds like a pig stole your weed.

    but i guess as far as run ins with the police go, not too shabby. i don't think you should have let him search your car in the first place. and the worst they could have done? misdemeanor I think. depends where you are, which state, etc. I'm pretty sure you're safe from federal crime under an oz.
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    i had a choice? i didnt say they can search my car. i guess they pretty much did when i said i had weed in the car. but the only reason why i confessed was because im sure he smelled the weed when he came over to ask for my lincese, besides it wasnt hidden well i had my bag and grinder under the car.
    in the future if i said i didnt have any weed would they still have search my seat?
  4. The way it works is your car counts as your property and is the equivalent to your house. They can only search the car if they have either probable cause or a warrant. However, they are able to detain you and call in a K-9 unit and have the dogs walk around your car in which case if the dogs give the signal they can search your car.

    I would suggest always having the ganja on your person, because they can';t search your person without consent, and allow them to search your car.

    As for your story, thats fucking hilarious. The pigs stole your weed, lol.
  5. Uhh, not very lucky since the maximum penalty you could have received was a $100 fine? Basically you just saved $60 bucks and lost your weed. I'd count it as a personal loss.
  6. Atleast u didnt get charged with possession
  7. doesn't sound so bad to me... it sounds like they're just stoners themselves.
    idk about california laws though. so idk how lucky you are.
  8. yeah i pretty much realized that. the officer even complimented my stash. its an ordinary looking 7up can. but the top twist off. it feels and weighs like a regular soda can.

    can you elaborate on this?
    I would suggest always having the ganja on your person, because they can';t search your person without consent, and allow them to search your car.
  9. Ok, well. Both your person and your car cannot be searched without probable cause or a warrant correct? Well, if you do not consent to search of your person, it is not that suspicious. And most of the time a cop won't even ask to search you.

    However, a cop asking to search your car happens quite often and you refusing to have it searched is suspicious to a cop so he may call in a K9 unit.

    So if you have your ganja in your pocket, where it is safe and won't be found, and allow the cop to search your car if there is nothing in it, then you will be off scott free! :D
  10. That's the most ridiculous piece of advice I've seen.... today.

    I've never had my vehicle searched without also being searched myself. Also, if you keep it in your pocket, it automatically becomes yours and takes about .00003 seconds to find it. If it's stashed in a good spot in your car, chances are the cops will overlook it.

    Just a little FYI.
  11. I don't know where you live. But in my part of the country, that is the advice that everyone spreads around to each other. Fairfax county is one of the strictest districts in the country on drug enforcement and I have had many friends busted by K9 units
  12. That's funny because I knew you'd say that. Too bad for you that I actually did time in Manassas and I have a fair understanding of how the laws work in VA.

    EDIT: Also, your buddies that got busted by K9 units wouldn't have found any relief by hiding the weed in their pockets either, lol.
  13. #13 Kray1, May 29, 2009
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    so let me clarify, in my situation where i didnt have time to hide the weed, was it better to just keep it on me? in my possession?

    this weekend i am thinking of making a hidden stash somewhere under my hood where it blends in. i drive an acura rsx, and the engine is pretty damn compact. i figured the damn dogs wont smell shit through there right?
  14. Well if your car smells like pot and you have some on you, your chances of walking out of there with your freedom become pretty limited.

    If your car doesn't smell like weed, your not on probation and you just bought a bag, you should always stash it. But even if you didn't have time to, I'd still decline their search.

    Think about it this way, telling them that you had weed on you just made their job easier. If they don't have probably cause, don't let them search, the worst thing that can happen to you is they find it and arrest you, which is what they would have done anyway if you'd let them tear your vehicle apart or by confessing you have it to begin with.

    But then again the laws in CA are very relaxed, so either deny their request to search or make them get a warrant and earn the bust.
  15. here is an eccerpt from my crim 230 notes form this past semester on exceptions to the search warrant rule.

    Probable Cause: Amount of Proof necessary for a reasonable intelligent person to believe that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed and the suspect committed that crime or that items connected with the crime activity can be found in a particular place/

    Exceptions to search warrant requirements

    1.\tsearch incident to a lawful arrest
    2.\tstop and frisk – pat down of outer clothing in search for weapons, must have reasonable suspicion
    3.\tmotor vehicle – mobile, operator and passengers in plain view, no expectation of privacy, cant search locked containers, must have reasonable suspicion
    4.\tplain view (plain sight) – officer must be in location lawfully, must be immediately apparent that item is evidence, inadvertent (not looking for the item)
    5.\tconsent – must be given voluntary, cannot deceive suspect into consenting, most often used by law enforcement, consent can be revoked at any time by the suspect
    6.\texigent circumstances – do not have to secure a warrant to search if, involved in hot pursuit (can not lose visual of suspect at any time, if suspect enters a residence, pursuit is can only be continued if suspect committed a felony), clear and present danger, destruction of evidence
  16. well lets say he smelled the marijuana when he checked my license, and pat me down and realize i was clean. if i had said i didnt have any marijuana in the car when he had asked, could i have gotten away with it and possibly save my stash? thx btw
  17. no, the smell of marijuana is probable cause for an officer to search a vehicle.
  18. sounds like you were busted by the cops from Superbad
  19. Well I'm not too sure the laws in OK, but in AZ I would've been very happy to get away like that :smoking:
  20. californiia for under an ounce is just a 100 dollar fine real relaxed. The cops took your weed and smoked it just sayin.....

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