Rule of thumb for flowering?

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  1. I'm in veg now and know I will have to start flower soon because of height but was curious to know is there any sort of rule's of thumb like waiting until a certain number of nodes, or minimum length of the longest branch, the size of the stalk?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    There in week two of veg if that means anything and they started as clones.tallest ones are about 15"

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  2. About the only rule of thumb in flowering cycle is that plant can stretch 2x to 3x their hieght so take the hieght of your grow area minus the safe minimum distance from the light and divide that by 3 thats when to start flowering.
  3. Nah, some people have done the 12/12 light cycle from seed.
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    This helps a lot I basically just wanted to make sure I didn't start to early alternation of the nodes before height is the way I'll go I think thanks bros for all the replies....V

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