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  1. Who else plays?
  2. I refuse to believe that no one else does.
    I'll just keep saying random shit I like about it or that has to do with it until I get responses.

    I can play any postition, but I love being a hooker. Ha.
  3. When i went to australia we played some locals.. It was our first time ever playing rugby. It was fun but yea we lost.. Its a fun sport to play and watch
  4. I'm moving to Australia in like a year to play. :D
  5. I played for a few seasons until my body told me it just wasn't going to happen anymore.

    I can play second row or flanker.
  6. Girls cant play rugby!
  7. Glad I'm a woman. :D
  8. haha touche
  9. Haha. Seriously though, I fucking love rugby.
    I feel like it's the kind of thing that people who don't play just don't understand it.
    Rugby has it's own culture.
    Normal people give you funny looks if you say something like "ruck" or "scrum."
    And I love that no matter how important a game is, both teams party after.
    Anyone else love that shit?
  10. I never met anyone here in the US who played or even watched rugby. The best part about rugby is gettin shitfaced afterwards, everyone knows that.
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    I play, i love the game.
    Only my second year in, Second row mostly, but I can step in as prop, but prop fucking sucks.

    Still learning the game, but there's nothing better than lowering your shoulder into some guy who is bigger than you, and you taking the fucker out. So much fun, I feel so damn manly when I do it also.

    And no one beats rugby socials. During play, everyone hates each other, after the game the guy you dropped/the guy who dropped you, you'll buy that person a beer. No hard feelings, no bullshit after the game.
  12. Being a prop isn't that bad once you get used to it.
    I didn't like it at first either, but I've had to do it.
    Second row is alright. I started there.
    But I love being a hooker.
    Seriously, if you can do it, you should try.
    It's a really fun position.

    Haha. For me, the best is when I play on the guy's teams and everyone seriously LAUGHS when I step on the pitch. It's cool though, because they freak the fuck out when I knock them back on their ass.
  13. Long story short, I started Lock, then moved to Prop to get more playing time, but I'm standing at 6'3'', so generally i'm to tall for the prop, but I played the shit out of it anyways. In the scrums, I had trouble getting beneath the opposing prop, so like a dumbass I bent my back a little to get under the guy, it kind of worked for a while, until I got back spasms. Fuck back spasms, not cool. Still finished that season as a prop.

    Then I moved, new club, started playing lock, I love lock. I can keep everything where it needs to be, and drive, and drive. I'm training harder this offseason that I usually do, working hard to get my speed up, so I can play flanker also.

    There are some gnarly girl ruggers, elegant violence, haha.

    I had the chance to go to the San Diego 7s tournament a few months ago, first international rugby event I saw, it was surreal. They were so fucking fast.

    Oh, and lineouts are amazing.
  14. Haha. Usually I'm not big enough to prop.
    Tall enough, but not big enough.

    I learned to play every position.
    That's just a guarentee you'll get more playing time. Ha.

    If you're practicing for flanking, you should definitely practice quick tackles andc getting up quickly. It sounds like a common sense thing, I know, but a lot of people don't think of it. Ha.

    Ha. Yeah. Some of us know how to do it.
    It sucks that a lot of chicks give women's rugby a bad name.
    I hate when chicks can't even set up a back line.
    That's one of the reasons I like playing with guys better.

    Sevens is amazing.
    I was lucky enough to get to have the opening scrimmage before the pros a couple years back.
    It was an amazing experience.
    The only bad thing was the grass.
    Terrible for drop kicks. Ha.

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