Rugby World Cup 2011

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  1. Wales are going to win it. I'm never going to give up on them. But my realistic predictions:

    (ranked first to last)
    Group A
    All Blacks

    Group B

    Group C

    Group D
    South Africa

    All Blacks vs. Argentina: All Blacks
    England vs. France: This will be close, France if they play consistently
    Australia vs. Wales: Australia
    South Africa vs. Ireland: Ireland are excellent at choking in the quarter finals but South Africa sucked in the Tri Nations, Ireland win

    Ireland vs. All Blacks: All Blacks
    Australia vs. France: Australia

    Australia vs. All Blacks: All Blacks

    Post your predictions, discuss how you think your team will do, make fun of the Irish for choking, etc.
  2. I'm a New Zealander myself, so obviously I'm going for the All Blacks.
    Hoping the finals will be Samoa vs New Zealand.

    I can't believe no one else has posted.. We need more Americans to embrace the sport!
  3. ehhhhhh we're more interested in football. I like it a lot more than Rugby.

    (american and non american football for me personally)

  4. No doubt, American Football is awesome.

    But the US team needs your support :)
  5. England FTW!

  6. didn't know we had a team lol. What channel is this on?
  7. I have 5 friends from college going to NZ for 3 months to see the world cup and tour around. So jealous.

    Go New Zealand!
  8. Ya even though I never watch rugby NZ's team is pretty fuckin badass.

  9. That would be a sweet game, if Samoa show up strong I can see it happening.
  10. No worries South Africa has this in the bag.
  11. Ireland gonna make a run for it. Australia will probably win it all and New Zealand will choke.
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    My Mum is a New Zealander and my dad is an Irishman, so my allegiances are rather split...
    But fuckit, Come on you All Blacks!! Hope England and Ireland both give a good account of themselves though. Can't wait for the first game.
    And fuck American football, those guys are pussies wearing pads.
  13. ALL BLACKS!!!

    This is an incredibly exciting event for New Zealand.
  14. USA!! I like the All Blacks though. One of my coaches for Rugby was an All Black player. Crazy fun guy to be around.
  15. Knockout
    All Blacks vs. Argentina: All Blacks
    England vs. France: This will be close, France if they play consistently
    Australia vs. Samoa: Australia
    South Africa vs. Ireland: Ireland are are no match so South Africa, they didnt have the best guys playing for tri nations imo.

    Oh and wales just lost.
  16. NBC and Universal Sports are broadcasting some of the matches, mostly US matches and the finals I believe, and I feel like I read somewhere that you could possibly get them PPV.

    And I also agree that rugby in the US is very underrated... it's hard to be able to watch anything but the NFL on television here.
  17. Did any of you guys see the Canada-Tonga game? Was quite excellent, second best match of the tournament behind Wales-SA.
  18. Got a feelin' for South Africa this year.

  19. Pretty much, also cause we got the best song to go with..

    [ame=]Professor & Oskido ft Oubaas & K.Mbau - It's Our Game (SABC2 RWC 2011 OFFICAL MV) - YouTube[/ame]

    Maybe other countries can post their official songs if they made any?
  20. New Zealand vs Australia final. I'd bet my left nut on it.

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