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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Maidennj, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I know there is a species of weed (Like indica or sativa) called ruderalis, my question is does anyone know what the high of these is like and what is a good well known strain of this type if any?
  2. ^^Thank you

  3. There is no high...Ruderalis is almost devoid of THC. It autoflowers though so it is the subject of crossbreeding with various other strains. That's where many of the autoflowering strains come from, and it's also why many of them are somewhat lacking in potency.
  4. Don't quote me on this but my understanding of it is that cannabis ruderalis is very low-potency industrial hemp and not really fit to smoke.
  5. rudeeralis is a strain that originated in russia,its a short lived strain,that flowers early,and very prolific,the plant is almost void of thc,but it has traits that are desired among new growers,it has the ability to flower early,and finish its life cycle fast,( lowryder,lowlife etc,etc ) the traits are desired the acutal ruderalis is not

  6. ruderlais is a marijuana plant that buds by time and not according to light. it is very low in thc which is why it is not used in strains only for lowryders and self budding plants like those. this is what i have come to understand about it.

  7. Ruderalis is crossed with more potent strains in order to increase flowering time. Although I suspect that the potency might decrease marginally.
  8. Ruderalis is weed that has adapted to very cold, short climates & lacks potency because of the short growing season & climate. It is crossed with sativa or indica to create an autoflowering type. Potency is compromised.

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