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  1. I have a serious question and I just got an account so I could ask it.i have gotten some bag seed and started to grow two of my plants were in veg before I started with the others and I am looking at them tonight after the two is at 70 days and the others are at 60 (4 plants total) one of the sixty day plants has started to show the two white pistols coming out of the upper Lims and Im thinking they are ruderalis mix in from the south so in suspecting this bud came from of the two that i started first at 70 days is showing signs of pollen sacs I think but I'm not looks like the close up pics though but I'm confused bcz they're still over the 45-50 day so I'm not sure if they're ruderalis.last night the temp got up to 93 and was wondering if this could have thrown them into flowering by accident and what to do as far as light cycle of they are ruderalis and if I can use my blooms nutrients still during flowering??please any comments will help
  2. Those are preflowers. Its just the plant telling you its mature and ready to reproduce.
  3. But none of the bigger older ones are doing this and it's only 1.5 ft. Tall
  4. If I could get some pics to upload if show u wat I was talking about and if they are pre flowers and one of the plants has tiny ball on every Kim does this mean it's a male??or should I wait a couple days to make certain?
  5. Upload!
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  6. Sounds like preflowers to me. My indica dominant mother is shooting pistils everywhere, its just telling you she's ready to grow some buds.

    The small sac you mention could be pollen sacs, take a pic and we will be able to help ya. You'll be safe for about a week before it pops

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  7. I can't see mexican growers using autos.  I doubt they are exactly growing landrace sativas but most definitely no ruderalis. 
    Autos are for people in the far north/south with extremely short growing seasons.
  8. Short as in there's not a lotta time when its temperate? Because I used to live and grow outdoors with some buddies in Alaska, where there's over 20 hours of daylight in the summer. Some HUGE photo plants up there man.
    Alaska is coastal so keep in mind it will always be warmer than inland.  I know what you mean about the hours.
    Yes I mean mainly just the length of season meaning from last frost to first frost.
    I just can't see mexican growers using autos.  They have landrace sativas there.
  10. I agree with ya 100%, except that most of Alaska is not coastal. Unless you count the ice covered (well, used to be) north sea...
    Hehe yes you are right I phrased that poorly. Sorry what I mean was that most of Alaska's population is coastal. Not a large percentage of the people living inland.

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