Rude to kiss girls hand? Got slapped

Discussion in 'General' started by Omega369, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Usually when I meet a girl/get introduced I'll kiss the back of her hand instead of shaking it. I only shake men's hands and females in the workplace.Last night I went to the bar and I kissed a girls hand and she slapped me really hard across the face saying that was extremely rude, then walked off.Is it rude?Omega369 :wave:
  2. She's ratchet. 
    Stay away bro, and keep your chivalry. 
  3. I would slap a guy if he kissed my hand and I didn't know him.
  4. lol you watch way too many movies/tv
  5. Did you adress her as 'Mi lady', and were you wearing a Fedora?
  6. its not rude, and definitely isn't something that deserves a slap. but it might be a little too forward for some people

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  7. did you call her ma' lady lol
  8. One time I was super geeked and hanging with this cool chick from work... I thought it would be a good idea to do what you did because it felt like a meaningful gesture but she pulled back saying "I'm saving that for my wedding day!" She explained she wants a fairy tale wedding. Didn't stop me from having sex with her though.
    Try the more direct route of getting into a female's pants Omega. 
  9. a tad out dated my friend
  10. Not gonna lie - kinda weird. Not an approach I'd take.
    I usually don't shake people's hands when I meet them either though - male or female. I nod/smile and say 'Nice to meet you' when I'm introduced. I don't like physical contact with people I don't know well.
  11. Might have worked a few centuries ago. 
  12. LOL omega always makes the best theeads

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  13. From fuckin a pocket pussy and a prostate massager in your ass to kissin a girls hand. Bro I'd love to sit down and smoke a bowl or 5 with you hahaha
  14. A man kissed my hand at my father's funeral and it really touched me.
    I don't think kissing girls hand's really deserves a slap in the face just be careful. Some women get offended if you call them "Ma'am" out of respect.
  15. ma'am implys elderly 
    miss is more appropriate?
    That's what they think yeah... does it?
  17. If you  didn't lick or make out with her hand then she's just a bitch.  A small peck on the hand is classy and considerate. Don't sweat that uptight girl.
  18. yea man, a real woman will see the gentlemanly aspect of it, a hoe slaps you.
  19. I wouldn't necessarily say a hoe would slap him. Some hoe might see it as gentleman like. And other hoes won't see the gentleman like aspect of it, but they still would probably be cool with it, because, well, they're hoes. 
    The girl at the bar just sounds like she was a bitch with sand in her coochie.
  20. I would have definitely said "mi lady" :laughing:

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