Rubik's Cube Grinder

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    I made this a few weeks ago. wondered what you guys think of it and if you had any reccomendations about where i could sell them in bulk once i get around to making more. when the grinder is together it looks exaxally like an unsolved cube.
  2. thats fucking bad ass. id buy one
  3. I'd like to see some pictures of the teeth. Single chamber I assume?
  4. That's sick. Maybe go to local headshops see if you can sell em to them. If that fails eBay is an option
  5. Pretty decent. I like it lol. good job dude
  6. dude if you want to sell something like that go to its like ebay sorta kinda. you can also buy all types of custom glass pipes on there for cheap.
  7. its just one of those magnetic 'offical number 1' grinders i picked up from my local head shop that ive shaped to fit inside the cube, grinds really nice.
  8. 25 quid to anyone who wants it?
    heres a couple of other grinders i made too:
  9. This is so beautiful.
  10. You should try making stash cans like that too.
  11. Those are really cool :smoking:
  12. yeah a rubik's cube stash can would be fucking ill.
  13. I just pm'ed you. I'm definitely interested in buying.

  14. you did a damn good job on these
  15. These are badass. Try making them with multiple chambers so you can collect the kief. If I'm thinking about it right it shouldn't be to much harder than the single chamber grinders.
  16. Good job on those, if you could add magnets so it will stay closed those would also be awesome stash spots. But make sure your not using a branded grinder, just so you don't run into any lawsuits.

  17. Good work, and good idea.
  18. Personally, i think you could make a good amount of money making these.

  19. Why would you do that to those classic games:(

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