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Rubbermaid Growbox diy guide

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by TheWriter, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. i would say build it as shown then go from there
  2. Yeah. When I start putting it together maybe I will post the pics or something if I change anything,
  3. How did the set-up go TheWriter?
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    It was scrapped for a bigger scale set-up. I have yet to put it into operation though.
  5. Look forward to seeing it.. let us all know when yer done
  6. that grow doesnt account for the smell
  7. how do you adjust the cfls closer to the plant if it is smaller?
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    you might be over thinking this

    if you cant move the light. raise the plant :smoking:

    true that, most of them dont sadly.
    carbon filter can be added tho np.(with some mods ofc)

    or ona works for most strains(did not help much with my afghan drying last year tho haha stunk up the whole house off a small amount)

    i like to hear that! wish i could do the same atm

    what you thinking for a grow box now?
  9. Me and my girlfriend are discussing using this method. She has a 1 bedroom apartment with one walk in closet. We were thinking since it's a big enough space to house the grow. Her complex doesn't do random checks and if they have to survey the spot, they give a notice a week in advance or we're not gone long throughout the day to worry about security. I'm pumped I found this!!!!:hello::D:yay: I'll read more throughout the forum for nutes and other info! Thanks!
  10. Keep us posted Lolo
  11. I'd recommend not using tin foil as I've read in guides that it absorbs too much light for optimal growing. Something white is supposedly best, you can paint it white too. Could be wrong on this I'm still new!
  12. yeah i planned on spraying it flat white

  13. Yeah sweet, cant wait to see how it goes.
  14. I just did my first harvest from a box like this. However with a few modifications.
    2 68L storage boxes, foil lined (have mylar to go in for the next grow) with 4x30w cfls.
    For ventilation I used 2 120mm pc fans for exhaust and one for circulation. All powered by a laptop charger.
    For the whole grow i used 2 of each spectrum bulb and it worked well. As for lighting, i preferred my method of having them hanging from the top individually. That way you can independently raise or lower them to get them as close to the plant as you can.

    Watch out when spraying them white, make sure you sand the surface and primer to give the paint something to stick to. I didnt and it ended up all flaking off.
  15. Wow this thread still gets bumped every now and then. I scrapped this plan for a grow tent and a 400w HPS light. Have already pulled two decent harvests from them and I currently am starting on another (Deadhead OG and Blue Dream). Next step is to try to go perpetual. :smoke:
  16. Exactly what I've been doing for the last 5 years.. every two months I get 9oz give or take from two plants.. I just take cuttings before they go into flower and the cycle continues
  17. im bout to order my seeds. any adivce of the rubbermaid box? and can u use it all the way through flowering?
  18. can you wire multiple fans to an AC adapter?

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