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    For everyone's information I have been here for a while but this is my first post...This as well will be my first grow. It has to be stealthy and this picture show's what I've come up with:

    EDIT: The picture is approximate. The plant will no doubt be around 2" from the light. The books will adjust the plant height.


    It's pretty basic...two rubbermade bins stacked on top of each other, but the top one upside down. I figured I can use a lid from one and glue it to the top one upside down so it can "snap" onto the bottom one? It has to be stealth, so the fan has a carbon scrubber on the bottom (placement is not definite yet). I'm thinking of buying just one 250W 2700 spectrum CFL bulb since I plan on only growing autoflowering strains as of now. Around the CFL is a homemade reflector that I'll need to figure out how to make...I have books under the plant so I can take them out/put them in to adjust the plant height and not light height. On the bottom right I planned on just having some holes for a passive intake. The one question I have about that is since it's passive intake, will any of the smell leak out of that? My main stealth concern is smell...I don't have any diagrams of the wires/sockets/etc because I'm not sure about that yet. I just came up with this idea. Do you guys think it would work? Give me some advice on this! Thanks!
  2. as long as you have an out fan that is on constantly then air can only enter the intake. air will not pass out the intake.

    Your idea on lighting is crap. no matter what, your CFL needs to be close to the plant. 250 watt is hard core but even that would need to be close. You would be much better off using a cord and pulley to hang a 4 bulb light rig. 26 wa lights would work. 40+watt bullbs even better. For my light rig I use a plug to socket adaptor and 3 Y adaptors that you can see HERE. To make things easier, get some heavy wire that you can bend to make a frame to sit in the bottom tub to hang the lights from. This way you can easily adjust everything. Dont forget to paint the inside of your tubs flatt white. Mylar works too.

  3. The plant would be very close to the CFL. I plan on using as many books as I can to get it as close as possible. I just saw a good outcome from someone who used such a CFL. I'll check out your link though because I'm still learning. I for sure plan on painting it white as well. As many coats as one can can give me. Thanks!
  4. Does anybody else have any advice? I Could use some help with the possible wiring with using either the one 250 watt CFL or other multiple cfls. Thanks for any help anyone has to offer!!
  5. Nobody else has advice? Dang. Will the way i want to put the one box on top of the other with the lid be a good seal?

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