rubbermaid dimensions

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  1. Hey! I just have 2 questions,
    I have a rubbermaid 35g tub and the dimensions are
    26x19x14(lxhxw). Will that be large enough to grow 2 plants?
    And if so, how much would it yield? Should I add another tub on top?

    Thx in advance!
  2. IMO, no. People do it, but the plant is so small that you yield so little for your efforts that it isn't worth it, IMO. Months of risk, months of effort, expenses, and then what do you have to show for it -- half an ounce?
  3. Not even 2 of those on top of eachother? Its like 3ft., then just scrog or lst?
  4. I saw one guys rubbermaid grow and he had 1 plant per box and they filled the box. but maybe just plant indica or lst.

    Right now i have 4 little ones in my box so I'm going to have to make another box soon.
  5. and yes, add another tub on top
  6. For some people a half ounce is worth it though, hell I got 3 plants in a bigger Rubbermaid and if I get half an o I won't complain. Thats $200 around here, and this way I can guarantee good handling and proper curing.

    I'd say its big enough, you might want to get more though. I have a 45 gal and they're dangerously close to the top of the lights and I just started flower a few days ago.

  7. Agreed, and theres something nice about smoking homegrown. no matter how much ya got
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm thinkin of adding another box on top or just making the second box stand on one end and use it as a flower chamber. Sound good?

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