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Rubber downstem to glass diffuser?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Kurty, May 22, 2009.

  1. Not too long ago I finally bought my first bong. It is a straight tube glass on glass 16" bong with an ice catcher. I snagged it for $50 at the local headshop (I ended up paying more becasue I upgraded the bowl to a sour bowl instead which was a good decision). But what I want to know is if it is possible to remove the downstem I have now (with the rubber top hat thing) and replace it with a glass roor diffuser (14.5mm so my bowls still fit) to make my glass on glass bong a glass on glass on glass bong. I kinda just want to upgrade it while making it easier to clean at the same time.
  2. wait......what??

    i dont think your bong is glass on glass ??
  3. There are glass on glass bongs,

    and they're are glass on glass on glass bongs.

    Mine uses a glass bowl that fits into the glass downstem (14.5mm) but the downstem is attached to the bong with a rubber tophat.
  4. yours isnt glass on glass

  5. Okay thanks for answering the question +rep
  6. no, it wont work.

    there is no such thing as glass on glass on glass lololol
  7. wow dude. when i read the topic name... i was like wtf? am i baked? a rubber downstem? you'll prob be dead by now.
  8. You just kicked my mind into an unimaginable 4th demension of bong structure I've never imagined before.
  9. ha i laughed out loud

    yeah i wasn't really following you, kurty

    you can get a glass on glass for $50
  10. I got confused :D
  11. The actual bong itself isn't mentioned in a 'glass on glass' title, so in order to have a glass on glass on glass, you would need a downstem, an ashcatcher, and then a bowl. Your bong, I am afraid, isn't glass on glass either, at least, if it's like the rubber grommet topped bongs we have around here. A Roor downstem probably won't fit in your bong, at least not snugly. I would recommend selling what you have, and getting a nice, sturdy, generic GonG from your local headshop. Shouldn't be too much more than $50.

  12. Yes there is. Glass on glass on glass refers to a glass female piece, with a downstem with a male and female piece, and then a male piece bowl. Glass on glass simply means that there is a glass female piece connecting to a glass male piece bowl.

    You can replace your downstem with a roor one, but it would still be only glass on glass not glass on glass on glass. I just replaced a rubber grommet bong with a glass on glass downstem. The only way to have a glass on glass on glass bong is if the bong has a female piece as a downstem connection.

    I'm pretty sure I explained this right.

  13. I am pretty sure you did also. Put more simply. You would basically put the GonG downstem into the tube with the rubber grommet. then you can use GonG slides. So it would go. Tube, rubber grommet (to hold the downstem), GonG downstem and then slide. I think I have a pic somewhere of my boys tube that he rocked like that. If so Ill try and get a pic up.
    Its deff better then a grommet with non ground GonG but not as good as true ground GonG joint.
  14. This would work, IF he knows for sure his downstem is 14.5. I am going to go ahead and assume it isn't, because those lower end 'grommet' bongs, usually have a smaller diameter downstem closer to 10-12 mms. If you know for a fact it is 14.5, then go ahead and get that new stem.
  15. glass on glass on glass means a ground glass slide goes into a ground glass downstem,which goes into a ground glass joint in your tube.
  16. It for sure is a 14.5 mm downstem. I know this because I picked out my bowl (sour) and it was with all of the roor bowls/ashcatchers with a little sign beside them saying 14.5 and right below them was a sign saying 18.5 or something on the shelf below. Bongs are really cheap in my area..... I should to try to leaved the price of my glass out when describing it becuase peopole anways seem to think its not great quality.

  17. you can also get a ruler just to make sure. Thats what i did when fixing up my older grommet bong. And also Im pretty sure that the top of the joint is where the measurement is taken, but im not positive. good luck make sure to post pics once you fix'r up.

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