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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Ferrin, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Anybody else just get this during the recent steam sale? Wanna collaborate on a game? Let me know, it would be a weed oriented game obviously...
  2. Interesting idea. Do you have any previous game design experience or would this be a first time project?

    I've dicked around with RPG maker for years but never finished a project. I've got minor programming experience that would need far more practice to even be worthwhile.

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  3. Not really, but I am taking a course on edx.org about Game Design it starts in may. And am taking Harvard's CS50 currently. And I have loads of map design experience from years of being a Game Master in DnD and other tabletop games. Last couple years I have been making modules for a Virtual Tabletop program called Fantasy Grounds.

    So far...

    I am thinking modern era sandbox rpg, centered more on the economics of dealing and growing. Maybe have the random encounters be drug deals instead of battles. Growing can be its own property management side game.

    I have worked out how to do alot of this without to much scripting; Switches and loops mostly.

    What I am looking for mostly is a partner to hold me accountable, I got ADD and tend to fuck off after 80 percent of something is done.

    Be nice to get some help writing character arcs, side stories, and whatnot.

    If your any good at photoshop or gimp, I am atm swamped with drawing pipes, bongs, and other devices to put in as items and sprites.

    All in all my plan is to make a game I would want to play. And I like empire building games, so this game will probably be about building a Ganja Empire.

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