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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by euroguy1989, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Does anyone know if this brand is good they some really good lights with good spectrums from what I can see as far as I know they are a Chinese brand but so is Mars hydro and a lot of american brand make there's over there.

    I am real interested to find out if they are good or not as there prices are insane and the Mars hydro equivalent is a few hundred more.

    Another thing I spotted was that one of the newer lights is 10watts per led and I have read a lot of places that 10 watts are fake and a few other places saying that is in the last year or two 10 watts are real and have started to be incorporated into newer lights being made.
    There page also shows a lot of research and information where as most Chinese lights which are dud won't have this kinda info. I also bought a 600 watt sunspect led which is another Chinese brand with no reviews I could find which is doing really well currently.

    Here are links I have found for royalled lights the top one is the 10 watts per led and the one that I want to buy if it is legit.



  2. No one heard or seen anything about these guys?

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