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Royal Purple Cino

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SupersonicDonut, May 20, 2010.

  1. I was just surfing the World Wide Web when I stumbled across these pictures of a Strain of Cannabis called "Royal Purple Cino", if anyone can verify its existence is real I would be super happy lol.
  2. Bump Nobody has any answers?
  3. Hopefully those attached pics work but this is what the claimed bud looks like.
    And I found these pics here.

    Attached Files:

  4. That first picture you posted looks extremely photoshopped. The HUE is completely off. The whole picture is a mess, not even a good photoshop.

    The second picture is a lot better, but if you see the color of the books in the background, they are all blue as well.
  5. That is very shopped. if the strain is real, it looks nothing like that
  6. thats what i thought, my friend said a blacklight did it, i was like pfft, thats photoshopped but i figured i would ask. lol
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    It does exist...

    Check out Menu - Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group

    I picked up an 1/8th of it today, have had it before.

    It is VERY purple, very potent, and smooth and tasty...

    Has a hint of a frutiy coffee flavor smoking it... more fruity and somewhat mocha-ish in a vape.

    Seriously, one good bowl of it and I am on my ass... and I have a high ass tolerance as well.

    Waiting for my new cell phone to get here (hurry the hell up Fed-Ex... or should it be Fed-Up at this point... lol) and I will have photos of it, in it's original container as well.... EDIT*** So verizon fucked up, and i have a phone, but no battery, back case, charger, nothing... just a useless $600 paperweight called a Droid X...

  8. oh and the stuff in that photo does not look like royal purple cino... that stuff is too blue in the photo... like I said before... ill get some photos up of it later.

  9. I have seen those same photos before on another group... some guy with a name TheGuiterGuy or something like that...

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