Round leaves

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  1. Topped once, and then topped all 4 and now have 8 tops. I let em stretch out and lst tonight. Been under 24/0 light for 4 weeks so 28 days from sprout. Weird how i have round leaves? Ik revegged plants will have round Leaves, but ive grown this from seed. Its afghani#1. Maybe from topping all the tops again or stress.
    The pic is of it now 4 weeks. And the other is from earlier
    20170712_192723.jpg 20170709_160228-1.jpg
  2. Its most likely just stress.
  3. Is there really high humidity?
  4. You're fine. They are just round from having indica traits. When they mean round leaves when re-vegging a flowered clone, the leaves go back down to just a single leaf, and the serrations along the edge completely go away and it the edges become perfectly smooth. Then it begins to grow leaves normally again.

    This isn't doing that.
  5. It's healthy right now for sure. Humidity is around 50 to 60%. Ill just sit back and let it do its thing. Just never had it happen b4.

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