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  1. what up GC this is my second grow i have 3 bagseed from some good herb and 2 ww i got 400w hps a 400w mh conversion some new soil i used miracle for the first time but not no more got some mylar up in my cab and some super veg A n B and super bloom A n B things should turn out alot better this time round heres some pics the last 2 are bud shots from my first harvest

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  2. loggin in ready to grow. i see you stepped your soil game up :) this will be enjoyable, what are the plans? grow as is? any certain techniques gonna be used? im hoping this nutrient deal works out for you, maybe you will discover something!

    im all ears man, let it rip
  3. dia dia dia glad to see u r on board anyone one else feel free the results should be great
    i plan on some lst action may have to expand my cab but no pain no gain right
    the babies r only 3 days old and i only plan on transplantin 1 more time right to the 5 galon i forgot im gonna pinch them a time or two and then lst in the buckets
    when can i start givin them the nutes like 2 weeks old not sure about this but after this if these nutes work then ill step my game up on them as well found a real good hydro store about 1 1/2 away its great
    what r ur expectations with just the soil change and mh bulb
  4. damn those buds look good bro. nice little babies as well.
    you shouldn't need any nutrients for quite a while. the fox farm stuff has a good amount of nutrients in it. i would wait longer than 2 weeks. i grew a plant in that stuff that i didn't need to feed till about 3 weeks into flowering.
  5. Looking good, if you keep us posted, ill be watching this one. What kind of light?
    Something to keep in mind for the future, a FF employee recommended adding %10 more perlite to the OF mixture.
  6. FF is the best soil out there. I add 25% perlite. At 3 weeks I give them Big Bloom and then at 4 weeks some start the Grow Big.
  7. ill post pics tomorrow or later today
    anony i have a 400 watt hps and i just got a mh conversion bulb and mylar so im excited the bag of fox farm says it will give plants nutes for up to 30 days so i guess ill have to read the plants
    thanks to joxter and dexoratred for droppin by ill def keep everyone updated
    should be a drastic difference my first grow and this one if u cant tell i am super duper stoked about it
  8. :smoking:so the kids r about 2 weeks from seed i just switched out the flouros for the 400watt metal halide conversion bulb boy is that shit bright so i should wait for the extra nutes as u can see 2 of the kids are a little ahead of the others but the small ones will catch up soon

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  9. what's the word man?
  10. Looking good. It looks like the last set of pics, first one, got light bleached maybe?
  11. whats light bleached?
  12. what up everyone first off thanks for stoppin in joxter and smknvtec glad to see ur a mod i look forward to ur being involved in this grow
    dia where u at?
    the kids are all growin at their own pace 2 are stragling behind 1 is already nute burnt from the soil what to do about this do i worry and 1 is like get the hell out of my way the little one wit the deformed leaves is weird why do they do that? i haf a plant do that lat time and turned out to be the only plant i got to harvest so it cant really be a bad thing
    so comments questions all welcome i look forward to seeing what everyone says word

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  13. Hey thanks a lot man.

    OK that third pic is not light bleached it is fert burned. The next time they are ready for water go ahead and flush the pots which is giving them tripple the water per pot size. Example, 5 gallon pot, 15 gallons of fresh water to flush.
  14. thanks smkn what is light bleached though so i know
    doindia told me about the flush ratio do i only add molasses during the final flush right
    so about the size difference no biggy right
  15. From stitchs Guide which was edited by SmknVTEC

    This picture is what light bleaching/ light burn looks like.

    The only way to fix this is to move the lights away from the plant!
    Or, make sure you don't go over 75 watts per sq foot, or your plant will have to much light and light bleaching can occur anywhere on the plant. Indica species seem to bleach easier From stitchs Guide
    These pictures are what heat stress looks like.

    The only way to fix this is to move the lights away from the plant, get better ventilation, and or add more fans! Heat - If the lights are too close to the plant, the tops may be curled, dry, and look burnt, mimicking a nutrient problem. Your hand should not feel hot after a minute when you hold it at the top of the plants.

    Picture 45-46 provided by Mosfed

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  16. thanks smkn i have a400 watt mh conversion about 28 inches above the kids the cab is 2 1/2 feet wide lookin at it 4 feet deep and 6 feet tall i dont think this is a problem
  17. If you could go 21 inches that would be very nice.
  18. wprd thanks going to do that now no wonder they made you a mod u r on your shit this is my first time with the conversion bulb and the light is very different from the hps and it seems hotter it may be from the mylar what up mordgrow
  19. Ha thanks man yeah MH is hotter. Just make sure it is not too hot and away you go.
  20. at first i thought it was the mylar givin the extra heat but the mh is like the sun i have to get an xhaust fan now especially wit more plants

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