Rotten c99 seed, f***ed? !Bud pics!

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    I recently picked up some real fire C99 from my girlfriends dad, and i know all about this strain ill post pics,
    ive never had the pleasure of blazing this though and man its good stuff, prolly some of the most balanced weed ive ever smoked.
    i did alot of shit i wouldnt do today.
    i proceed to tell her dad all about how lucky he is to have this shit, considering i smelled it and looked at it.

    and its the rotten fruit phenotype for definite positive, not foreal any pineapple or grapefruit, just rotten fruit and nothing else.
    i mean why would i bullshit anyways i just want my question answered :b

    ive read lessismore [if your reading this thanks for all the info you provide us all] posts alot and the potency and buzz is how he describes it,
    now i dont want to go looking for his post to qoute it but its the real deal, i only dreamed of smoking C99, let alone the rotten pheno,
    it was #1 on my "had to try" strains list

    anyhow, i tried to pick it all up so i could look for seeds but only had so much money so i got my two best friends 6.5 grams
    and i bought the rest of the ounce that wasnt personal for the dealer and one friend isnt so smart i guess and found a seed
    and i told him what to do if he did find one,
    i said "give it to me pronto as i need it for breeding", isntead he germed it thinking i would have to grow it for him, but i told him !bring it now!

    he brought it and it looks fine and uncracked

    its been in a jar un sealed with not much water inside toilet paper?

    and its goldish, viable looking ya know

    would this seed be fine to grow for the future if i dry it thoroughly :confused:

    PLEASE CHIME IN :smoke:



  2. update, right after i posted this, i broke some leaves off to get some relaxing vibes and a nuglet, and out came a seed,

    but mine was a little whiter with 2 black stripes.


    usually whites arent but if i tried has anybody succeeded to try even if it was a mutant not developed fully? id clone it to hell :b
  3. You can try the pale seed but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Bud looks incredible though! Enjoy that shit!
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    I was just gonna come tell everyone at the city how much i love this bud, holdin some in right now.

    but theres fuckin 4 cops outside handling my neighbors domestic violence :/

    i hate the cops sometimes, not literally but since i have to live in fear ya know.. this isnt a new subject....

    tastes good, like mango + spice + musk, maybe ? indescribable almost really

    ill post the seeds in a second, but yeah, the one i found looks a bit more viable, i hate finding seeds that wont grow they just get your hopes up.

    i just always read that white seeds werent "all that" and i never really understood why other than its immature obviously but theres prolly no reason immature seeds cant develop stunted right?


    1st seed is the one my friend found.

    2nd is the one i found

    3rd I know these seeds are pretty white. I already went over this, just for strainsake or threadsake im discussing this though :b

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  5. the second one looks like it has a better chance than the first
  6. why ask us when you can germ them yourself? i've always been in favor of big dark seeds, but some strains produce different seeds. my pack of GN c99 seeds looked fairly immature compared to mandala seeds.
  7. good info ^

    yeah , i was waiting to buy a pack of joey weeds c99 just in case, i want to breed with her/him
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    • My same friend found a very nice, good sized, creamy beige seed yesterday thats lookin viable for sure

    :D ill post pics of it too

    and thanks for anyone who replied to this, kind of a dumb subject maybe?

  9. According to Mr Soul, the creator of C-99, the rotten fruit pheno is the best and more potent pheno if grown correctly.
    Nice come up !!

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