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  1. Is it alright if I spin the plants when they start leaning towards the light? Thank you'
  2. that should be fine, but why are they leaning? are they stretched - do they have enough light? put the light right above them and you'll be good to go.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's bc I'm leaving the front of the tent open, so it's getting more light reflected on to it from one side. But here's some pics I just took this minute. You tell me how they look. Plz. ThNks

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  4. they look fine to my untrained eye. just let them lean. my plants are stapled around the inside corner of my pot (half the stem rerooted itself actually!) which is a really drastic lean if you will, and it's happy as shit! :)
  5. Thanks, and wow, how the hell did it root itself again. ThT awesome . I want to see a pic.
  6. the stem dips back into the soil at certain points... as my first grow and consequently first time LSTing i'm pretty sure i'm going way overboard from what i'm really supposed to do..

    anywho, the parts where the soil washed up over them have started to grow roots - i noticed this the other morning as i was poking around in there. i tend to poke around at them a lot... i need another hobby... ahahahaha!

    i haven't decided if i'll ever post pics on this forum or not yet... :eek:

    edit: i forgot to add that they were way stretched a week into life because i screwed up the amount of light required so the first 6 in was just bent to the side of the pot and the entire 6in rerooted after a couple weeks... now other parts have done it.
  7. sure bro....plants love it...the sun moves...theres also a technique where you can tilt the plants at an angle which causes the plant to grow towards light..then rotating the plant to make it grow another direction..its like the least stressful form of lst...have just toyed with it..but i scrog:smoke:
  8. U say u scrog, Did u see my box, what do you think of my attempt at it. They still have to grow into it but I just set up the screen today.
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    Yeah today was my first time posting pics on here. Hopefully I'm not being Plus the more people who do it, it would seem to give us safety in numbers.
  10. i really like it... mine is a closet :D
  11. it looks pretty good...the holes are a little small and the wire kinda sharp careful pullin' it through screen

    heres my mini scrog...24 x 22 inch...takes up half my tent


    about 20 bucks at home de' pot...pvc...speaker wire ...1 strand pulled apart to give you 1 rubber coated wire...easy on plants;)...drilled holes ontop of pvc and screwed small eye hooks into it...then threaded the wire through it...i can move it...rotate it..take it outside..flush it...a concern with scrogs..i also run smart pots..allow larger growth with smaller containers ....squares should be about 2 inch..i have my screen 14 inch above the top of container...veg plants till about 18 to 20 inch..then put them in scrog..flattening them about 4 inch..this help to pull the branches where ya want em ...kinda a head start on fillin' screen...strain is crucial;)

    harvested this a couple week ago...3 plant sensi skunk #1...yeilded 9.5 zips cured plus popcorn 2 zip and trim



    a bud

    closer...and yeah..i got a dog:eek:




    need any me..or stop by my little thread:D
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    YeH for sure. What if I cut the screen I have to make larger holes? Or should I just scrap it and build one from string?
  13. if it were me..and you got the coin...i would build a killer one...ive gotten 3 scrogs outta that one...and use wire...or heavy fishing monofilament like 100 pound test...the plants will actually begin to grow into string where they touch....but there many ways ta skin a cat..just look at different scrog set ups till ya see one fits your grow..but mine does rock:D..and trouble free..let the plants veg a little pays off in dank...well worth the extra veg thru home depot and get ideas..thrift shops give up good cheap grow stuff too...good luck bro:smoke:think that wire is too sharp...breaks your heart when ya slice off a main kola
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    I have mine sitting 16inches from the top of the pot, and 14 from the top of the styrofoam. I'm think I'm gonna give it another 4 weeks (8-9total)to veg I'm gonna get em huge, then flower, like u said. I'm planning on waiting anyways bc a I got small one put in there like 3 weeks late,(2weeks ago) so it will give the other girl a chance to get big enough to give me some good stuff. I'm kinda curious, bc I think will almost be like the netting technique mixed with your style scrog.
  15. im a gotta do it myself i know what ya mean..just have fun with it:smoke:
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    Ha, well I can see that from your pic/design, probably next time I'll try exactly what you did. I'll let everybody know how it goes. Maybe even start an Ur right tho, I will have to be extra careful with the sharpness of the wire. So thin but sturdy, basically a knife. I'm just hoping for it to hit the wire and spread, what do u think about even replacing the wire i have with a peice of plexiglass, then when the box is filled removing it and just let it flower for like the end 2weeks without anything resisting it?
  17. might get some small fish tank hose..cut it in 1 inch peices..cut down the side..and just put it over the wire where problem spots arise..a little hassle but beats choppin' kolas:smoke:
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    Good idea, igot thT layin around.

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