Rotang Fans?

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  1. many people into the brap buzz?

    [ame=]20b bridgeport altezza - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Always wanted a 3 rotor altezza ahaha one day one day.
    Check this
    [ame=]13B twin turbo GT35/40 Nissan skyline first drive "untuned" - YouTube[/ame]
    Better than a hunky rb aha
  3. [ame=]Queen Street Racing Quad Rotor 1664 HP !!! - YouTube[/ame]

    This is a quad rotor built out of two 13b rx7 motors. The housings can still be bought from Mazda speed. It is the same style motor Mazda took to the 24hr lemans in 91 I believe, they walked all over the competition and the following year the bylaws were amended to only allow piston driven engines in the lemans.

  4. thats a 1st, never seen that before

    yeah ive seen that m3, that shit gets faaarkn hot man. music to my ears

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