Rosita The Pipe ✿

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  1. My secret lover,
    Always there.
    To breathe you in-
    Our hidden affair.
    Thinking of you,
    How your presence sweetens the air.
    Ever ready at my side,
    I handle you with care.
    With you in my hand,
    We make quite a pair.

  2. *finger snaps*
  3. a b a b? cmon bro
  4. :laughing: .. :laughing:  ... :laughing:   ....  :laughing: 
    I like patterns.
  5. Dam I wish we could like comments again, cause the second post from lazy poster was a funny ass comment. I would "like" if i could. :/
  6. I dont really understand, I can like comments.
  7. There is not option to click "like" on comments anymore. If someone's comment was hella good and original people clicked "like" and it showed that you liked their comment. It gives commentators feedback on their comments. You must be new.
  8. I just liked your comment.
  9. Says Mr. 6 Posts. :ey:

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