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  1. Hey everyone!

    I recently began an outdoor grow, thought I'd document some progress along the way.

    What I have going is 11 mystery plants. They are only slightly a mystery- Blueberry, Sour Diesel, and lemon Skunk seeds all got mixed into one bag (don't ask). No idea of how many of which strain I have here, maybe we will be able to identify later down the road.

    I started these seeds in 2gal pots that were only about half full. I intended on transplanting weeks ago, but you know how life goes.

    The real work began a couple days ago. I dug out a hole approximately 6 feet x 10 feet x 18 inches.
    I picked up 50 gallons of Oly mountain fish compost, and 50 gallons of 3/8 minus lava rock. Not much when considering the size of my hole, but that's all I could haul at a time. I may go back for more, but to be honest this is a budget operation
    For amendments I have fish meal, fish bone meal, kelp meal, oyster flour, and malted barley powder.
    I also have a ton of recycled coco with grow stones mixed in that should help with aeration.

    So far I'm in it less than $100....
    Seeds 50 cents each
    Amendments $45
    Lava rock $18
    Compost $10
    Labor- pricesless but exhausting!
    The rest of the stuff I had laying around.

    Like I said, this is a budget grow and I'm not looking to produce gold. Most of this product will be turned into Rosin or edibles. Hopefully I'll get a decent harvest, but I only need to get a couple ounces to break even.

    Wish me luck!

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  2. Had quite the delay getting these in the ground, but they are finally there. They look a bit sad in the picture but they will bounce back :)

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  3. They have bounced back quite well. All plants are around 4' tall, still some yellow in areas but new growth is green and beautiful. I top dressed with kelp and malted barley powder. Tomorrow I plan on picking up 50+ gallons of Oly mountain fish compost to topdress, and some straw to use as mulch.

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  4. Look into Dr earth powder from like walmart or any big store. It's really good stuff. Kevin from wonderland nursery uses it too. Organic, comes with probiotics and myco along with all the super soil stuff. I just pour one cup per plant every two weeks. Been using the vegetable but gonna switch to their flower stuff now
  5. Combine it with the fish stuff. I bet they would love it! Don't gotta pH either. Runoff always reads 6.5-6.8.
  6. IMG_0983.JPG IMG_0984.JPG I used some doctor earth products when I amended the soil, I like it. I only top dress now, trying to establish a healthy soil for next year. This year it is doing ok, I hope next year will be even better and I'll keep building the top layer with fresh compost and amendments as time goes on. The plants are doing great and starting to flower, alll the plants are around 5-6 feet tall. Hope they keep doing well through the fall!
  7. Had to pull a few that turned out to be male, still rocking with 5 good sized plants though! Hoping harvest will be good to me

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  8. Weather is turning to shit here in the PNW, but I'm pushing them out until next week. Three of the plants turned out to be heavy sativas, the remaining plants are sativas and are very immature. I'm hoping I can push those ones out a little longer than a week, but we will see when the rain shows up. Pictures taken a little over a week ago

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