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  1. My plant is getting to big to keep in my front yard now and i need to replant it somewhere, and some one told me that the roots cant be touched by air or thell die.Now to me this sounds like complete bullshit but i dont want to take any chances.So if anybody has any info on this let me know.Peace out
  2. Dig it up and move it. Be careful and dig all of the root ball up. It will need some extra TLC after the move but if the location is OK and its not a picky strain, it should be OK. And if not, you still got time to get some new seeds in th ground this year.
  3. So its alright if the roots touch air right.Thx alot amanita and big poppa i appreciate it.And il keep everyone posted on how my babys are doin.
  4. wet the soil before digging up,,as well wet the soil where being transplanted...your on your way...

    good luck...

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