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  1. hey everybody ive been growing for 3weeks just, and have repotted once already but the roots have came through again these plants are beasts there only 3weeks and already going onto their 4th leaf set.

    sorry bowt the lack of pics there will be some soon but im sure you can picture the roots coming through the drainage holes! how long can i leave em like this as i have to get the exact soil and bigger pots when im broke! this aint good exposed roots how much time!!!
    can any1 help plez tanks
  2. Sorry, there isn't really an answer to that except the sooner the better.
  3. I've been caught like this, but as you say pics would be nice!
    if you have need to panic, please ensure that the roots don't get direct light
    for any extended periods, if you can get your hands on some 'UNUSED' trash bags, large paper bags, even bath towels, dampen them first, before covering the roots up, the plants should be fine,
    please ensure that when you move the plant up a grade in pot size that you loosen the root ball a little, not too much like you are helping a friend out

  4. cool thanks for the advice thats great, i read somewhere that if the tap root hits solid ground i.e. (the plates under the pots) which i have then it could raise the posibility of them being males, is this true you think?

    also should i put the damp towel under the pots and remove the trays?

  5. It sounds like they are growing normally.

  6. YES! thanks wrecked i can see there growing normaly, theres nothing wrong with the plants. when the roots show through the bottom in numbers then it is time to transplant otherwise where do the roots go ...huh
  7. i read somewhere that if the tap root hits solid ground i.e. (the plates under the pots)..unquote!

    I've never heard of that, to change SEX because you are being 'crushed' I THINK NOT, distressed yes, long term minor possiblitly maybe a long maybe then a Hermdiforite(herm) but a long shot.

    I am concerned your plants are growing SO well?
    that prompted you to repot so early, I normally go up size in 4.
    if you started in a 1 pint jar/pot then next stop is a 4 pint jar then 8 then 12

    although I've done it for years I still give them a hell of a transplant shock
    no matter how easy I do it

    good luck
  8. thabks yeah im wasnt sure if that was true or not but i can see how it mabye could stress them. neways im just gonna go grab the biggest dam pots that will fit in ma grow room and get some more /canna/ soils and repot em when they look rootbound. the roots coming through are white and silky healthy roots for now im just gonna wait till they start looking wrong ya know!

    ill get some pics up of ma plants there looking good for how old they are. peace

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