Roots okay ?

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  1. Hey all.

    Can someone tell me if these roots are okay I can't seem to get rid of a problem with either not enough cal mag or to much potassium! There is no slime IMG_0318.JPG IMG_0323.JPG IMG_0324.JPG IMG_0325.JPG and no smell at all - so just want to make sure.. thanks
    Last pic is the problem I have! I'm pretty sure the roots are just stained from not cleaning out the clay balls enough and the Colour of the nutes I'm using :/
  2. Root rot roots tend to get very tangled... and mushy to feel.

    To be safe I'd recommend, add H202 to bucket (~teaspoon per gal, 3-8%) for 24 hours and then add in beneficial bacteria. I suggest Micro-Tes SOS. NOT CHEAP, but worth it.

    Of course I'm sure your checking that your pH is in range 5.7-6.0? Re cal mag deficiency. Certain strains can't get enough... I.e, blue Dream.

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  3. Thanks man, I'll see how she is tonight - don't think it's root rot as I keep not really clean and always change res once a week

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