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  1. How's this work in DWC? I don't want to experience this late game. Might be a silly question idk.

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  2. The only way that i know that you can be root bound in DWC is if you are using to small of a pot. If u are growing up ward and no lst then using a 3 gal. or smaller pot then there is a possibility of root binding. but most of the time ppl use a 5 gal. or better for this. this is only from what little bit of research i have done. HOPE this helps.
  3. Not at all nope, appreciate it tho. More so looking for more in depth info on plant size vs container size. My girls get big as is but next crop in line in monstercropped that are 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I'm guessing each plant will fill a 4x4 scrog and be 4-5 feet tall in 2 months.
    Costs will become an issue so I'm wanting to do this in 5 gallons instead of the 18 gallon earthbox. Or even better yet I'm thinking a 3 gallon reservoir in a 5 gallon pale. Aerated of course. The plant will need to call that home for roughly 5 months.

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