Root rot?

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  1. Hey all, a little history of the plant. The strain is think different from Dutch passion, the leaves were starting to claw from my understanding this is a sign of too much neuts, also the tips were starting to burn so I flushed, the result is hello and browning of the leaves and yellow spots accumulating on the leaves as well, I'm growing it in foxfarm ocean forest and I've used voodoo juice along with piranha in the early budding stages[​IMG]

    I'm wondering if this was caused by the flush ( plant pulling the neuts from its leaves, and the yellow spots being a PH imbalance) or maybe. Root rot ? Also I should mention that the voodoo juice looks almost as if it is growing black mold spots on he inside
    Of the container is this normal I'm assuming not,
  2. I should also note that the problem slowed down quite a bit after feeding it more neuts but I just want to make sure

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