Root rot or brown algae?

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    Hey guys.

    2x OG Kush
    2x Green Crack
    GH nutes
    + Koolbloom
    GroTek supplements
    - Heavy Bud
    - Monster Grow

    Ph: stable 6.2
    Ec: 3.4

    Res temp: 68.5

    2x Mars2 1200(560)w

    Day 53 flower

    0% Amber

    Topped up w/ fresh water, Full dump every 7 days.

    Alright, now that thats out of the way, I’ve got four girls with brown slimey roots, diminished growth, start of a bad deficiency. It’s atrocious actually, I didn’t act soon enough. Not my first grow, but my first RDWC and it’s been a busy couple week :/

    Roots aren’t actually rotten, just covered with this brown slimy shit. I did a h2o2 treatment last night and they look 1000x better this morning. Just looking for some experienced input.

    I’m currently dumping and bleach washing everything. I’ve rinsed the roots best I can with ph’d clean water. I’m going to refill with clean ph’d water and do another h2o2 treatment today. Complete flush, h2o2 tomorrow and go from there. If the yield were any less I’d just toss this cycle, but I want to learn my way through this hiccup.

    Not a super great picture, post h2o2 and first rinse.

    I have a feeling it’s this grotek shit. It’s thick and Brown, and before I tried it (free sample) I never had any issues.

    Give me your thoughts. My phones currently tied to the wall, give me a few minutes and I’ll update with a few more pictures.


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  2. Jesus man,
    I don't think you can reverse this is pretty out of control.
    Root rot.
  3. Are you not routinely using beneficials or a disinfectant?
  4. They’re in flush and will be chopped in a couple days anyway.

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  5. Negative! I’ve just stated reading about bennies. I’m having a hard time sourcing mycogrow and similar in Canada. I’ll keep looking.

    Wondering though, I have a big compost bin I use for my garden each spring. It’s hot composted so shouldn’t be any pathogens or seeds, you think making a tea from that would be sufficient?

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  6. If you can't get a hold of beneficials then you'll need to go with a sterile rez approach using a chlorine based disinfectant like UC Roots.
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  7. Next time, try something sterile like @Fennario Mike suggested or beneficials such as Hydroguard.
    Also make sure to keep your water chilled as much as possible.
  8. I’ve got some HydroGuard coming! Should be here this week. I chopped the sick ones last night. Cleaned the reservoir and buckets and moved the next cycle in.

    In the meantime, can I continue to do 3% h2o2 treatments till the Hydroguard shows up?

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  9. Y
    eah, H2o2 works but temporarily, sometimes when you drop it the rot comes back with a vengeance.
    Hydroguard should be more permanent fix. However your root ball is pretty large and you're already at the end of the cycle so I don't think it will turn your roots back to pearl white and healthy, but should at least let you finish off
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  10. Hydrogaurd would greatly improve your current situation

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  11. I use soul aurora nutrients which are dark colored and my roots have a brown tint to them as well but they’re almost filling my five gallon bucket and the plant is doing great. I use hydroguard as a preventative but just cause they’re brown doesn’t mean root rot every time. My roots actually change white when the Rez is down and they get some time to dry before I fill her up again

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  12. I use a product called SOS. 1 qt around $22. It's loaded with all this beneficial bacteria. I had a little problem with root rot too but only 5% of what you had. Got to nip it in the bud! You weren't checking the roots. I did a hydrogen peroxide dip and that seems to have helped.

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