Root in paper towel, now what?

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  1. My seed in a damp paper towel is showing a root, now what? Do I put it straight in the rockwool, and do I need to soak the rockwool first? This is my first time using a hydro setup, and now that the seed is ready, I need a little help and guidance.
  2. What you need to do is flush that rockwool with pH balanced water because rockwool is normally very high in acid. Flush it squeeze it a bit at least 4-5 times. When you take the taprooted seed from germination be sure your hands are washed and DO NOT touch the root by any means. It is best you use tweezers to pick them up, but be sure they are sterile as well. When you do get to the point of picking up the seed place it into the rockwool with the root facing down. Put them about 1 1/2" down into the rockwool.
  3. Depends on how little it is. To be honest, I would just place the rockwool cube in your RINSED off hydroton. It's always worked for me, and makes the seedling sturdy while young while water is floating around. Keep it in the rockwool. lol. And where it is white is root, so place the cube in the hydroton so only leaves will show. Roots shoulden't be exposed to light. Hope this helps.

  4. Mattbo4 is definitely right. That's exactly what I do too, but be sure to soak and squeeze out the acidic water runoff from the rockwool before placing your seedling in there. Leave the rockwool soaked with the pH balanced 5.6-5.8 water.
  5. Im giving the seed til tomorrow, to let the taproot get a little longer. I also forgot to soak my rockwool in water with a 5.7ph. Ive got my water right, and the cube is soaking. Im just going to put the cube straight into my rinsed hydroton tomorrow. Now I need to figure out how to use my bucket system.
  6. You should work on being more prepared, lol.
  7. Well I thought I was prepared, and now Im realizing that I could have done a little more leading up to his point.

  8. You live, you learn, and you move forward. Everything good is going to come out of it bro. Just be prepared before you act and remain patient. As for the taproot, you can place it in the cube as soon as it cracks. If you let it get too long then youre going to have a harder time trying to get the root in the right direction it needs to be in without tangling it up. Good luck.:D
  9. Once I have the cube in the hydroton, do I start running the water immediately, or do I wait a few days?
  10. Start running water with nutes.

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