root-bound plants in flowering

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  1. Hi, I'm starting a soil grow and I'm running into a lot of problems with root bound plants in flowering. I've tried root trimming with a couple of my mothers and they seem to do okay with it. I cut off the bottom inch of the root cluster and like a half inch around the edges and then put it back in the pot with new soil around all of the cuts. I'm wondering if i can get away with doing this in flower. Would it shock my plants into an extended flowering time or maybe even herm them, or just stunt the growth and yield? I've been using five gallon grow bags, and i want to avoid getting larger bags for spacial reasons and to cut back on soil costs. I'm also considering those air pots which trim the roots by exposing them to air, but i don't know if they're reusable and it would be a hassle to buy them every time i put a plant to flower. any ideas?
  2. I use GeoPots which are fabric pot that air prune roots and prevents root bound. I have some the even gave handles. They are reusable and washable. I personally like them over tradition grow bags and pots.
  3. I got air pots myself. I would stay away from any plant surgery when in flower. Its like bowling, when you let go of the ball all you can do in most cases is sit back and enjoy the show.
  4. Think ahead next time and use bigger pots. You could put them in bigger pots now - if they are root bound they should lift right out of the pots they are in and drop them into a larger pot. It's certainly not going to hurt them - being as root bound as you say they should lift right out (when dry) and plop them into a larger pot.

    Think ahead next time and don't use small pots with soil.

  5. Why would you care if it's rootbound in flower? The plant's as big as it's going to be and has plenty of roots to feed the buds. Where's the issue?
  6. roots grow less when flowering, and it's only going to be around for a few more weeks, there's never a need to prune roots, they need those, don't cut them off. growth above ground will just slow until the roots catch up again. leave root pruning to bonsi tree growers, you don't want it stunted, you want it to thrive.

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