Root bound during flowering????

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  1. Okay so first off I have one white widow plant in a huge tote thing and im donig a SCROG..

    For the passed few days my white widow plant has been showing signs of some yellow leaves.. It's not all of them, though. It seems to be only the ones that are under the screen and/or blocked from receiving light... however it also seems that some leaves have burnt tips.. so i dont want to move the light b/c I think I will lose either way...

    I was searching on this forum and some other places and read that some yellowing on the older leaves could be due to root bound problems... im gonna post some pictures and I wanted to see if youguys could help me diagnose this.. root bound or something else???

    EDIT: Okay forget that.. I guess since I posted these pictures in my grow journal already then i cant post them here.. all recent pictures are on the second to last page I believe.. please help, thanks :)
  2. if that entire tub is full of soil, I'd be impressed it you got it rootbound. Since you're way into flowering, it could be that thoes leaves are just being shed in favor of diverting energy to the budding - especially if they are beneath the canopy as you said.
  3. dosnt sound like its rootbound, sounds like its showing a nitrogen deficiency

    are the leaves yellowing around the lower middle area?
    yellowing on older leaves is mostly either caused by not enough nitrogen or over watering

    what nutrients are you using?

    and why did you have the plant in such a big pot?

  4. This is what i originally thought. I've seen tons of plants leaves turn yellow/brown during late flowering. I'm pretty sure its due to the fact (as stated above) that the plant is diverting most of its food/energy to the buds.
  5. How far into flowering are you? It looks like they will be done soon. If that's the case then what you are seeing is completely normal as the plants near the end of their life cycle. Looks like an awesome grow though; congrats and enjoy.
  6. Yes the leaves are yellow in the lower/middle area..

    I'm using MonsterBloom nutes... and the reason it is in such a big pot is because I used to have two others with her but unfortunately they didn't make it, lol..

    Everyone else thanks for your respnonse.. it sounds like a valid statement.. i guess it will start to shed alot of its leaves soon..

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