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  1. As a large scale grower in Michigan, I'm floored at the fact that there's other indoor grows/facilities that have root aphids. I personally know a few people who are dealing with them and the way they deal with them blows my mind.

    HOW? It is so easy to simply not get root aphids. Why wouldn't they just start over and then just not have root aphids? Lol

    If you never accept rooted plants from other places and your grow is sealed from the outside, you will never get root aphids.

    I just can't fathom how an indoor facility would even get aphids if you even halfway know what you're doing
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  2. I don't know this answer but are other agricultural products under the same regulatory guidelines as cannabis?

    IE - Do tomato producers have access to better tools to combat these kind of invasives or does the medical application of cannabis lend it to stricter control requirements?

    what about the length of time it takes to produce a cannabis crop? Losing 1 crop could be 20% of revenue for the year.
  3. As far as tomatoes go, depends what kind of grow. If farmer is good with pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. then there a lot of tools, some which are not good for us. If they're an organic grower or beyond organic, there are less chemical tools, which feels more like us. There is also cannabis being sprayed with god knows what in the unregulated market. The medical market is more regulated, but it's still big cannabis doing big cannabis things.
  4. Michigan. WOW commercial grower . WOW. now to be crystal clear here im not trying to be a dick .
    WHY ???? even both to grow in mi ? Its 50 dollars an ounce of flower and rec dispo in a 200 mile area where i l live . How do you make a profit with that ?
    All costs pay your employees fees with the state so on and so on. 24 hour security Yeah 1500 plants . More inspection fees . Transportation fees more so on. Where is the profit ? I sold mine. I hardly was breaking even ,. I m getting old so im not going to export it like a lot of younger growers trying to stay a float . What is your total cost per ounce after all the fees bills everything? Pay those bud tenders to sell it . Geez
  5. To answer your question. Please answer mine first. How are you going to profit ?
    Ok workers show up for work. Take a shower change into coveralls flipflops or shoes that never leave the grow . Inspections are weekly all clothing that are washed daily. Totally sealed room. Workers have a lunch room where lunch if provided to them free . No smoking of any kind allowed . after that 8 hour shift they go home and do whatever they want. On worker will clean his or her 8 hour shift non stop ocd cleaning Mope sweep so on. No bugs even . For bug sprays powders . Forget it today . With all the regulations and inspections it wont pass !
  6. Interesting post, I hate aphids and have a real hard time telling Fungus Gnats from Root Aphids, I've had fungus gnats often (easy to fix with some BTI or a soil bake/boil in the oven before planting..) But have also noticed a flying insect that is MUCH harder to kill. You can easily clap your hands and kill a fungus gnat. but the other flyers I have had are much better at dodging and are hard to kill by hand...(I may have had aphids--who knows, but the ants make me think yes)

    I have a million questions about these dreaded pests..

    1. Is it possible for root aphids to live in bagged potting soil? (I boil my soil now just in case, hate to, but hate aphids more)

    2. Is it possible for ant to carry aphids to your plants? After all, ants are like aphid shepherds, they farm them, and can possible carry them in? (I've seen a few ants around my plants and have wondered if they are feeding on honey dew..
  7. Way off topic. But you aren't getting good quality for 50 a zip
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  9. Honestly its not all that bad middle shelf . Guess get a truck load it up for a road trip then. No business plan
  10. Who the f are you? I made a post about other people catching root aphids and nothing more. Root aphids. I'm sorry you failed at your business, you don't know how my place is run and I'm not going to waste my time typing it out. And again your not finding tier 1 for 50
  11. Simple question. How are you going to profit in a commercial grow in Mi. And for failed business after 9 yes. I retired as i posted in another post. Ok best of luck with your business in cannabis in michigan with 50 dollar ounces . Stay safe legal .
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