1. So today I went out eyeballing prices for this friday's paycheck. So I went to a local smoke shop and saw a 18" 10mm Black label roor. It comes with a roor 18mm diffy and a 18mm roor bowl. The price was 230 but since I know the guy on a personal basis he is giving it to me for 190 and throwing in a free clear ashcather. Should I take this deal? :bongin:
  2. sounds like a sick deal.

    goooood deal
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    Oh yes it is a German roor as well. I think I'm going to take both of his. And then pick up 1 of his next ones. I just got off of the phone with him. He said he is getting a Big sister and a Big Brother in a week.

    And finally here is a picture. Its a beaker bottom. I am swinging by Friday to pick up my lucky find.


  5. Get back to us with a milkshot on friday then haha
    Nice tube, you'll love it
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    Am I the only one who is going to call BS on 10mm?...i'm fairly sure its only a 5mm tube

    sweet RooR though eitherway...
  7. Don't kill the messenger. Thats what the shop owner told me. I haven't seen any black labels for the price that my buddy gave me. He has 1 exact one. Its heavy as fuck. But, doubt what you want. It is the internet. :smoke:
  8. I'm not doubting anything about the internet, I just know a fair amount about RooR and i've never heard of any normal production piece 10mm thick, and I could have told you that without the pictures.
  9. Well since it is a ~8mm is i worth it or should I keep on looking? :ey:
  10. Oh yes, definitely a solid deal still, but just be pre-warned...it's not 10mm...

    Enjoy your purchase bro:smoke:
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    i don't mean to be a dick but if somebody was claiming they will sell me a 10mm (doesn't exist), German (hard to find in a US shop) for $190 (about the price of a 3.2 US tube) i sure as fuck wouldn't do it... unless i knew what i was doing.

    EDIT: especially if he's "throwing in" a german diffy too. that's like a $50-$60 diffuser. and if it's the diffy that's in the tube pictured, that's not a roor.de diffy.
  12. I can honestly say I really don't care about size as long as its 5mm+ think. Where can I get a decent 18mm A/C?
  13. Dirt explained it much better than me, listen to him
  14. Thank you for your advise Mr.McGurt. I guess I'll just have to call him up today once the store closes to see if I can see the shipping reciept to see what it says as "mm size".
  15. well, i was going to say a lot, then i just realized that dirt said it all. damn yous! :smoke:

    anyways, that is 5mm, max. light green label is 7mm, which is their thickest glass, but you can get them custom made. that for sure is 3.2-5mm, nothing more. it is still a nice piece, and as dirt said, it is most definately not german. still a sick deal tho man, get that ROOR, youll love it! :bongin:
  16. I'm having second thoughts now. I want that roor but idk if I could have a falsely advertised Roor in my collection. Anyone else think I should go to a different shop and pick up a "truly advertised" roor? Or get the $190 roor? :smoke:
  17. everything considered, a 5mm tube for $190 is still a pretty good price. check it out next time you're in there. let him know you did some internet searching and you're "pretty sure" it's only 5mm, maybe he'll knock it down some more or throw in a nice heady slide or something. i wouldn't really worry about a "falsely advertised" RooR. a lot of bullshit gets talked in headshop and a lot of people just don't know what they're talking about. if the tube seems like a quality piece and YOU know/are happy with what YOU'RE forking over YOUR money for, who cares what they think they're selling.
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    I assume you are talking about roors only cause my brother just got a 5mm 22" pyrex beaker, 2 3 arm tree percs, diffused downstem (gong), party bowl with ice notches. The whole thing is blue excluding the outter tube of the percs. (Basically the percs themselves are blue) for $185.

    You shouldn't pay $150+ for anything lower than 5mm Pyrex
    (unless it's roor cause good luck getting one for that price that's not smaller than 14")
  19. well...
    let's take a look at the title of this thread...
    or that picture he posted...

    i'm talking about RooR's.;)

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