1. I live in so cal in the San Bernadino county area and i was wondering where i could find a store that sells roor near me.
  2. to my knowledge there is almost nowhere that sells ROOR in that area, make a trip to venice beach or hollywood... everyone has them. :bongin:
  3. is Venice a for sure, because im thinking about heading out there in a week or two
  4. That is where I bought my first ROOR, they are legit. Make sure you arent getting ripped tho, some are knockoffs. Also, try to barter/haggle with them. I got a 300 dollar ROOR for 180 with a bag and extra diffuser. Look up somewhere how to spot a fake, but i can assure with 100% certainty you can find one there. Venice is the shit, thats where I got all my glass when I lived in socal. :bongin: good luck bro!
  5. dude... your gonna have to come to venice mah buddy haha

    almost every glass shop has at least 1 haha

    i just moved out here to LA a little over a month ago from the IE, much better weed, much better glass, much better.

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