roor real or fake?

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  1. just want to see what people say.

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  2. looks legit for sure:smoking:
  3. looks fine to me? although I wouldn't be able to tell just by the sig. not familiar with roors and calling out fakes imho.

    why the question though? people telling you u got ripped? :/
  4. Label is pretty large along with the trademark. You can see the bottom is a much deeper stand too.

    Not an expert on fake/real ROORs but there is a thread about it around here. A sticky I believe.
  5. Your poll asks me Real or Fake? and I can only answer yes or no. It is flawed. ;)

    Anyway I honestly cannot tell, the sig looks a lil different than any I've seen but I'm no expert. Everything else about it looks legit to me.
  6. It's fake without question.

    Those joints were never used on a Roor they are the cheaper import ones. Also the ice pinches are back to front roor is always two front one back.
  7. I have no clarifying details to add... on1879 got all the ones I would've said. It's fake.
  8. Your poll makes no sense, but ya it's fake. A lot of the new fakes have slit diffy's, which Roor hasn't made in years, and like someone said before the joint is definitely not blown by them.

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