Roor on a budget?

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  1. So I'm moving into my a new apartment this summer and I want to christen it buy finally buying a Roor online. HI know I'm gonna have to drop a bit of cash, but I'm a college student so I want to spend the least amount possible. So what's the cheapest Roor with ice catcher available online?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. I think EDIT sells one for $67.
  3. hey man, i know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but you'd probably be better getting a high end non-roor piece than a shitty roor

    yeah, i know, all roor's are great (they are), but a $67 roor? wtf, that is not going to be a nice piece

    either drop more dough and get a nice roor, or get a less expensive but still quality glass piece (bluedot, for example, is generally high quality glass but cheaper than roor)
  4. generally, you get what you pay for, at least in my experiences. i was looking to do the same, buy a nice cheap RooR. let me tell you, it isn't going to happen, bite the bullet, drop 3 or 400, buy a bong that will last you a while and be AMAZING(like my 30inch roor beaker) i know spending multiple hundreds on a binger is hard sometimes but its an investment that pays for itself, people that dont rip bongs will come over to u and usually smoke you up just for you to let you use the piece, it gets you ripped, if you take good care of it itll last a LONG time. RooR produces quality tubes, honestly i dont think you can go wrong with a RooR as long as it's 5mm glass or thicker.

    sorry for the long response and lack of structure. fuck structure. :smoke:
  5. they have a 3.2 mm little sister beaker which is a great piece imo for 157 and that would get you pretty far with some stability against being tipped over because of the beaker bottom. (this is on Everyone does it)
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    If you're trying to stay on a budget. I suggest some of the Molino glass found on edit. My friend purchased this one from the site awhile ago for a bit more money and it rips pretty damn hard. Unfortunately you gotta kinda keep an eye out because it's out of stock. =/

    As for ROORs I don't know of any inexpensive ones unless you go to a headshop. Inexpensive meaning under $100 for me. Here are a few a bit above $100
  7. I heard molino pieces tend to break easily,or even shatter for no reason. That's just what i heard though.
  8. EHLE is the best brand for you. it is quality glass, but is not crazy expensive. they have a good 5mm thick selection and a lot of different styles and sizes and stuff

    check it out on edit
  9. take my advice and never cheap out on a piece, save up and buy something worthwhile, and not a cheap substitute.

    I finally invested a good $160 into a thick near 2 foot graffix bong with ice catcher, i kinda wanna sell it now after seeing some of the sick shit my headshop has for like $250 with percs and shit.

    There wa sanother time where me and my boy went downtown for a cubs game and hit up a few headshops. This one had a "sale" and i walked out with a 12 inch acrylic for like $30 and my friend got a bubler for like $25. both pieces honestly sucked, i sold the bong for 10. haha
  10. Why did the 25 dollar bub suck? I have had a 30 $ bub for a while now and it rips pretty good and I literally dropped it in my sick that had dishes all in it and it didn't even hurt it. I know it's not quality but damn I love this bub.
  11. just ordered the 3 piece the other day, I was also looking to keep the price low but I thought about it and the red 3.2 series is pretty inexpensive and when i get mine ill let you know how it is.. Altogether cost me 196.00 for the bong, diff, and shipping from eurpoe.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I think the EHLE bongs are exactly what Im looking for. Right now I have a 18 inch Kaos piece that hits great back at home, but I want to get small Sub 150 bong with ice nothces that I can keep on the coffe table. I'm gonna shop around the local headshops, but if I cant find anything defintly going with a EHLE piece.

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