RooR/Frotini, RooR Diffuser beads, Toro Action, GDP...

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  1. nice! wouldnt it be easier to just get a diffy? lol

    Shit looks sick either way!
  2. Nice bowl. Pimp mug.
  3. I have a diffy, its a Toro 6 slit, but the beads make for a much milder smoke and also prevent the water from splashing into your mouth when you clear it. You really have to smoke with them to understand. I love them and can't wait to get an HD video camera so I can post up a video of them for you.
  4. lol Ive got glass beads, ive just never wanted to try it out... seen the videos on youtube bout em.

    Whatever floats ur boat ;)
  5. Can't say I really see the point of paying $2.50 for a bag of "RooR" diffuser beads, when you could go to a craft store and get them for $.25, but whatever.

    I like the Froduction, but I bet you'll get tired of those beads. They're really only useful in natural perc tubes, IMO.
  6. sick slide dude and good price...nicest martini I've seen posted in awhile
  7. It was more of an impluse purchase, and I payed a lot more than $2.50 for them...:eek: but I don't regret the purchase at all. I LOVE how it hits now, absolutely love it. But only time will tell.
  8. why would they only be useful in perc pieces?
  9. I think he means natural percolation pieces like a stemless tube where there is just a single hole and no trees or anything.
  10. Give the man a cigar.
  11. Im not sure but i think he talking about stemless bongs because you cant put a diffuser in.
  12. great shit man
    pics are awesome
    what camera you using?
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    I'll take a Dutch Master filled with Blueberry and some of your Blueberry 120u kief:D
    Thanks, I'm shooting with a Nikon D80 with a Nikkor 50mm and +1 close up filter.
  14. I didn't see the natural part lol, i just kinda skim through trikkys post, you know, hahaha jp.
  15. How much do you love the Nikkor 50mm ?

  16. [--------------------------------------------------------------------------------]

    This much... :D

    It is sooooooo fucking sharp.
  17. do you know if it will work for a d70?? do you have the 1.8 1.4 1.2?
  18. I have the 50mm f/1.8D and yes it will fit on any Nikkon DSLR or SLR.
  19. I've got the 1.8 also and yeah it'll definitely work on a D70... So worth getting if you have a chance..its all I use for normal everyday shooting now.

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