roor ash catcher???

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  1. hey i was just wondering how much do roor ash catchers cost??? and also how much do roor defused down steams cost???
  2. DEpends where you get them from, I got my roor downstem like a year ago so the prices may have changed and such. my roor downstem cost me $30 i believe. And I saw a single chamber roor ash catcher for i believe like $80.
  3. I got my 18 inch 7mm ROOR with diffuser downstem, Ash catcher, and 2 bowls for $190. I later went back and bought a second diffuser for my A/C cost me 30$.
  4. i have a white label pill bottle ashcatcher for $90, downstem for $20 and a custom blown bowl for $50. thats my set up on my a/c.
  5. I need a fucking roor.
  6. my four arm a/c was 150 i believe....WELL worth it:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  7. there pretty spendy i think

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