Roor 420 Edition

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  1. Hi

    My friend tells me his new bong is a 'Roor' even though the logo says '420' in large black lettering where the roor logo should be. I think he got it at a club, honestly it's very thick glass and is a HQ bong (16 inches, 3 ice pinches, very thick glass, wide thick tube)

    Was wondering if it's possible that it is actually a ROOR even though it says 420 instead. He claims it's the ROOR 420 edition.

    I think it was $110 btw
  2. probs fake.
  3. No, no, and again no,

    No RooR special edition that I know of is going to cost only $110.

    It's fake. Case closed.
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    Dude.. Check out this BMW i just bought.. it only cost $200.. sure it have a Geo hood ornament but it's definitely a BMW... that's what my friend told me
  5. Can i meet your friend because i have a RooR Rasta-Marley for sale only 100 bucks. Its a footer and says Dumbass down the tube in Rasta color scheme...Once in a lifetime deal.
  6. $125 actually I think but I told him it was fake when he got it and he told me this long story how it's not. Luls
  7. fake, and not even a roor. a roor (regardless of it's authenticity) is going to have a roor logo, not a 420 logo.
  8. There not going to make a great piece and not take credit for it. There also not going to make a piece to their standards of that size fir that price
  9. you'll never find a RooR for 100 bucks, unless it's in pieces.
  10. smack in him the face.
  11. Dude i was at my lhs today and saw the exact same bong. there was a beaker bottom and then a straight tube both pretty big. With the lettering "420" going down in black lettering. Im pretty sure thats the exact same. But it was priced at $65 haha and she said she would throw in a different bowl. Damnn man your buddy got ripped big time. I will say though for china glass the tube was rather thick.. but the joint and bowl were pretty thin. Sorry man

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