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  1. if i buy a canfan and a duct and put it out my window .... will my room still smell alot like weed? im planing to grow my first weed plant this spring when it gets a little hotter. im in the attic so the temp wont be a problem. and im going tomake a hydrosystem nd all but if i keep mydoor shut and put a towel underit and have the vent onwhile im in school will my house / room smell like straight marijuana?:smoke::D:eek::eek:

    i dont want to hear yourparent csan get in trouble blah blah blah!!!

    i live n NY so weed isnt decriminalized
  2. That may remove the smell from your attic, but without a filter your entire neighborhood may smell like dank. A unfiltered grow of just a couple of plants can be smelled 100's of yards away. The smell is next to impossible to make undetectable inside the house if you get a stinky strain. Im not trying to make it sound wirse than it is, my last grow could be smelled at my nieghbors house even in veg
  3. I mean, if you get an inline fan with a carbon filter, put it inside a grow tent, in an inclosed area (like your attic)... maybe throw some ONA gel up there, and your should be all set.

    especially if your only growing one plant, the odor wont be too hard to keep under control

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