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  1. Alright guys I have been using a temp but tomorrow I have a day to work on my permanent box. Its 3ft tall 3ft wide and 21" deep. Its going to have a600 w hps mounted to the top no ballast because of space issues solid mylar reflective paper inside though. I'm wondering if I have a computer fan for air in and out with a4" for cooling the light will this stay cool enough inside?
  2. Where is the box located? Box will be fully sealed and light proof?

    And where is your intake air coming from? Are you planning on using a carbon filter? And where do you plan to exhaust to? (any long duct runs/lots of elbows?)
  3. Good questions I must say. It will be a sealed box. The air will be coming from and going to the house air. I plan on a diy carbon filter for now.
  4. I hope you mean no ballast mounted to the box but one mounted elsewhere, because a 600w HPS requires one to work.

    I wouldn't try cooling a 600w with less than a good 8" axial fan or at least a 4" centrifugal.
  5. I mean there won't be the metal reflector part for the light. I have just a cheap 4" right now maybe buy another and put 2 on it.
  6. Keep the room that the box is in comfortable- you will need to open a window or door to allow the heat from the grow box to go somewhere.

    You say you have a cheap 4" fan now? I am assuming you have something like this? [​IMG]

    If thats all you have give it a try for venting the box without a filter. That fan wont draw much power, its very quiet, and might move enough air as long as you have plenty of passive intake. I say might because I have no experience venting a box that small.
    However, a cheap propeller fan like that will not move air through a carbon filter. You will need an inline or squirrel cage blower for that.
  7. Well no my 4" is just a standard fan. Thanks for the input on the carbon filter thing. Where can I find agood fan for a decent price that will go through the carbon? I was going to try a tube with carbon in it and a computer fan to blow through it.
  8. O yea and should I have double the intake? Like 2 in and 1 out?
  9. More intake is good, however you cannot pull any more air then your fans can displace. has some fair prices. The net is a wonderful resource.
    One of those inline 4" fans with a carbon filter should move plenty of air. DC computer fans also seem popular these days - search up on current grow box setups with PC fans. There are DC squirrel cage fans that will move a fair amount of air and may be used with a filter setup.

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