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  1. I'm getting ready to do a revamp of my flower room. I will be showing how I set up my coc drip system as soon as the construction is finished. I'm adding another 5 feet in length to the room, which is now 10x12, adding an A/C unit, and setting up a 3x6 foot tray. stay tuned


    1) C99 in a 24x44 inch tray
    2) LA Confidential
    3) C99 overgrown
    4)2 trays plus some soil girls

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    here's the room when i built it a year and a half ago. last shot is my veg room. the small tray will go in here for vegging clones. the shelf will come down and one of the big fluoro fixtures will go over the tray.

    flower room has its own 60 amp breaker box with 4 15 amp breakers - one outlet for each breaker. IN addition to this, I will be adding another 60 amp line to a 240 breaker box and upgrading the ballasts to 220 and adding an 18K BTU A/C unit.

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  3. Looking good man :hello: Thanks GC for the subforums! :smoke:
  4. PMd ya about your strains, found em! Man that looks like a true c99, sparatic, and all over the place ha ha, well worth the mess tho. Everthing looks beautiful, and about finished, u gonna put the axe to em soon?
  5. yup, that Cindy came down about 3 weeks ago and the BlueGod and White Russian are in the process fo coming down

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