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Room Full Of RooR :P

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by El_Caterpiller, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Yeah it's a RooR room...
    the biggest sexiest set of RooRs I've seen and help in person :p

    Enjoy !

    RooR Dby far is the best glass I have yet to smoke out of....anyone has any difference lets her what'chya gots to says ?

    This one here has the flame polished logo *drools* so nice :)

    Lotss  of RooR.jpg

    imagine if I just had a seizure and the glass was in the way :p


    enjoy guys and gals...hope you love it all........

    Catch ya on the flip side :p
  2. Holy shit.
  3. Is that a specific RooR headshop?
  4.'s just my headshop...well not mine..but the one I go to.....They sell everything from ZOB to RooR to Twisted.....cats ass glass....

    it's in ontario...about an hour away from Toronto
  5. RooR are nice but too...ordinary...and over priced for cookie cutter glass. I'd reather blaze from a custom piece, an oldschool JBD, Trident, or a crazy bong with a horizontial chamber with an 8 arm perc...anything that is crazy, and out there thats what I like to smoke from.

    There will be people that will agree with what I said, and those who will think Im crazy, and need to be locked up, but hey its what I think not what everyone thinks :D
  6. aww those roor minis are so cute
  7. The RooR Mini are PIMP !!!!!
    such a great travel bong...and they fit in the cup holders in the cars :p

    I just bought a 3.2 Green Lable lil sister for 80 bucks and sold it for 175..TIME TO UPGRADE !!!!
  8. dude what were you on 0_o
  9. idk at my shop the price difference between the mini and the 18inch is like 30 bucks so you might as well get the 18inch. And smoking bongs in your car seems like a bad idea to me.

  10. Lol nothing...might have had a few beers...and always make sure to leave the house with a few bong tokes under my belt....maybe had a redbull or 2 but thats other substances that

  11. i've been smoking for 6 years now....maybe long for some but not long compared to others....but smoking in your car is NOT a good idea and I don't recommend it...there are easy ways to get away with it....but I totally understand where you're comming from...

    The 3.2 18 inch green label lil sister is 250 and the mini blue label roor is 100
  12. oo thats good then.

    the mini's are 250 at my shop
    and the 18inchers are 180(14mm)200(18mm)

    so it makes since to get the bigger one.

    lol and they charge more for rasta labels which i think is wack. i much rather have a german roor anyway
  13. wow man...congrats, welcome to your first headshop!!!

    I think you have to have more then ten tubes to qualify as a room full...
  14. i counted 17 roors on that counter.

  15. Pretty sure it's not my first headshop....but one of the nicest I've been to...and isn't it nice when you know the owners of the head you can party with the trailerpark boys...marc emery....oh I don't know afew others....oh yeah by the way I have pictures to prove it also :p

    so why harshness dude ?
  16. no pics no proof MOTHA FUCKER :)

    i wish the headshops around here would supple name brand shit.
  17. #18 El_Caterpiller, Feb 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2009
  18. Check out the link above guys !!!!
  19. roors are sexy :D

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