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  1. I put 3 of my plants out today on the west/south side. One in fabric pot other in 1.5 gallon pot. If they dont react good within a couple days, I will bring them back in with the others. Thoughts ot tips?

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  2. Heat comes to mind; looks hot up there.
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  3. Just got down from a black roof. It was hot as fk.
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  4. Bro it is and im wondering how to cool it down
  5. Run away !!!!!
    Now !!!!
  6. If they look wilted or anything tomorrow ill probably put them back in the grow tent
  7. you really think so
  8. yes
  9. you go sit out there and report back.
    frying pan comes to mind.
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  10. Its not too bad I was out there around noon installing. went outside just now and helped feed some new growth through. Scrrog .its not too bad. Theres a huge breeze. Definetly keep an eye though putting my therm. And hygrometer out there
  11. Glad to hear that all is well.:)

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