Ron Pauls Former Employees Speak Out

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    Here are three sites with information on Ron Paul's former employees (Eric Dondero, Renae Hathaway) statements that indicate Ron Paul was fully aware of the racism in his 1996 newsletter.
    As it says in the review excerpt on, Paul is not a collectivist. That part doesn't surprise me. But two employees breaking their silence is typical when a group of people is asked to keep a secret and still indicates he was involved.
    Which means that he was using racism to appeal to a group of people (collectivism, as he said). That part wouldn't surprise me at all. The nearly 20-year-old newsletter controversy looks, now that the people who worked with him at the time have spoken about it, like an attempt to use racial politics to appeal to a certain kind of voter.
    What does this say about the man? It was a cold decision that indicates his slimy texture.

  2. Find these articles would ya? Post them and lets see if it looks like anything dr Paul has said or would say.

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  3. It says he signed everything he pre read so let's see his signature on the bottom of these articles. I've been following this man for quite some time and have never found him to be racist

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  4. I dont know why we still bring him up. Hes the past. It would be like bringing up Bob Dole. Whatever his faults and issues are his record as a Congressman is better then most. His investments reflect his beliefs and all in all not the worst guy.
    President Nixon was a racist, homophob, sexist, anti jew just about all of that. Yet his actions externally did not reflect that.
    Being a racist is not illegal...discrimination is.
  5. i think the point hte OP was trying to make is Paul used racism to appeal to voters.
  6. This would have been a good story say back when he was still in politics and running for POTUS. Now this is just a distraction. Truth be told Ron Paul did more for Liberty then any other recent politician.
    Dont they all? Its what works. Name of the game is to win not to lose. You lose you join the larger then Mt Everest size pile of political wanna bees.
    Both sides are equally to blame..easier to blame the current powers in office since there there but look at the recently election. War on women, war on gays that really does not exist but they would have you think it is. Robo calls saying dreadful shit.
    If I was to run all I would have to do is dig up some crap on you about your anti women feelings even though thats not really true and instantly I divide the vote. Its all a numbers game. Slice and dice the population till you get the percentages you need. It ALWAYS works to insanely.
    Well, I appreciate your fair-mindedness. RP is still a major figure in politics, especially on this forum. I don't feel his credibility and honesty are irrelevant. I feel that they are relevant, even if they only make up one part of the picture.
    First of all, no. They don't all. It is only a select few, and of those most are Conservatives like Paul. And the ends don't justify the means. Fueling the fire of racism is just that, no matter the motive of the one stirring the pot.
  9. Rosebud seems to be upset that nobody was listening to him in the RP appreciation thread so now he made this. This is also pretty misleading.
    So, you say how two of RP's aids spoke out for this alleged racism. What you dont mention, is that also in your sources, there are an additional two aids who are saying these allegations are nonsense. So at a purely numerical standpoint, it is two against two.
    Then, this evidence is basically hearsay, and is an incredibly weak argument, not to mention its a persistent ad hom that has been used against RP for decades.
    Now, for the Rosa Parks and Civil Rights acts. RP didnt vote for Rosa Parks to receive a medal because he doesnt want tax-payer money to be used for it, and doesnt see it as a power for the federal government to do, as it isnt in the Constitution. For the Civil Rights Act, he doesnt think the federal government has done a good job at all of eliminating racism, discrimination, prejudice etc, and simply doesnt believe the federal government has the capabilities to do such a thing effectively.
    Whether you agree or disagree with his stances on Parks and the CRA, none of it points to him being racist, and there isnt an evidence that RP either wrote the newsletters, or edited/reviewed them, and then doesnt point to RP using racism to gather votes, WHICH OBVIOUSLY DIDNT WORK. It is all a nonsense, speculating ad hom argument.
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    In the ideal world sure, but we dont live in that world. It has been this way for as long as our government has fact way worse. Go back and read or watch some documentaries on what our leaders used to do in the past to get votes and to win. They played very very dirty.
    Politics will always and will continue to be a dirty place. Only a naive person would think other wise..or a younger person who is idealistic. 
  11. Your post starts out with ad hominem. The reason for this thread was when Lenny reminded me I was in the Ron Paul APPRECIATION thread. Didn't make sense to post questions about his character in a thread designed for people to feel good about RP.
  12. So should I ignore the dirt?
  13. i donno what the big deal is.. Obama made some insanely racist quotes in his book and he became president.
    but it is good to see that RP had such an impact that he's still being talked about even after retirement..
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    Depends what it is. Alot of stuff is generated by others as side distractions. Then much depending does not get reported.
    Another case of expecting our politicians to be perfect when in our lives when we are not. We hold those we elect to these unrealistic standards. We tend to project on them our most noble feelings when there people to.
    Every said a sexist joke? Laughed at one? Does that make you a sexist? Ever listened to a comedian making a off color racial joke or said one...are you a racists?
    Of course it does not but in the case of politics your dammed if you do.
  15. What are these quotes I seriously don't know?

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    his book "dreams of my father" is loaded with crazy shit.
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    Or how about Oraph. She recently said inflammatory things.
    Lets not forget Rev Wright. That man married him, and he attended that church for many years. Youtube that guy hes a nut job.
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    so raysis
    I heard Lew Rockwell wrote those letters. 

  19. :laughing:  Lol, what a cop out. It isnt an ad hom at all, you seemed upset after spamming the RP thread and nobody listened to you, except to say go do it somewhere else. I told you to go somewhere else but you didnt listen to me, of course. I never attacked your character at all, like how you are doing it to RP this whole time. You have a very bad habit of saying people are using fallacies, except you never explain them.
    So overall you have no rebuttal, except to cry about imaginary ad homs.
  20. Yesterday OP tells me to focus on issues of the day. Then starts a thread within 24 hours about 20 year old newsletters not even written by Ron Paul in order to discredit RP.
    You're a funny dude OP :smoking:

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