Ron Paul will win the Republican Primaries

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dariolovesdeb, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. And taking for granted that I will live for another year, I am excited to get to witness it.
  2. how can you be so sure?
  3. ^^ what he said
  4. I sure hope so
  5. i hope so too.
  6. i think they will be forged, and the media is keeping alot of people ignorant and believing it's democrats V republicans....there's still rand paul, gary johnson, even dennis kuichinich :confused_2: although i PRAY ron paul wins, since we're in such pivotal times and 4 years is long,, i have doubt he will win
  7. Because he's going to win the Presidential Election.

  8. Obama will win it if RP is nominated.
  9. If ron paul is in a debate with obama - pure facts will shine through the rhetoric. it's without a doubt. you can tell when someones lying straight through their teeth

    & you can tell when someone is being dead honest

  10. I think you are overestimating the general population.
  11. Yeah you're right, just super baked not thinking outside the box there for a minute

    we can have hope..


  12. One time people were dead honest about thinking the world is flat. Their honesty was irrelevant. RP would be extremely easy for Obama to defeat in a debate, all he'd have to do is memorize Paul's few talking points and the debate is the same every time, then he just needs to refine his message in a way that makes RP look like a naive fool, which isn't difficult to do.

  13. [​IMG]

    I always knew you were an obama lover alienblood.

  14. Fuck Obama. That's how weak of a candidate RP is. He makes Obama look good in many respects.

  15. Only in your liberal statist eyes alienblood.

  16. [ame][/ame]
  17. Give me a general rundown of your most passionate beliefs/disbeliefs/opinions. That way I will be sure to not hit one of your soft spots next time. So far you dislike Christians and think anyone not inline with your political beliefs is trolling. Anything else?
  18. Haha you're far from correct my friend, I don't "not like christians"

    I was raised in the south as a christian, forced to go to church and attend 2 to 3 hour sermons every sunday and wednesday night church - and if anything I was commenting to your statement on "He makes Obama look good in many respects." Which i disagree, to which I posted a trololol video for you to watch
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    Cool video. Cool story about your life. I disagree with you on RP. :rolleyes:

    Obama, from time to time, does this thing called using the current knowledge and science available to us to determine his policies. RP...... does not do this to say the least.

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