Ron Paul: Why I Want to Be President

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul: Why I Want To Be President[/ame]
  2. How many times has this guy ran?
  3. I dunno, just ran over this video...:laughing: Liberal gets owned.

    [ame=]YouTube - A Liberal, A Conservative, and Two Libertarians Argue Politics at Street level.[/ame]
  4. Finally... It's a president who stands for freedom, justice, and liberty. We are a nation who symbolizes freedom, power, and happiness. But right now we aren't any of them, and I believe Ron Paul can bring our nation back to the prosperity it had...... Without spending money lol.
  5. If Ron Paul doesn't win this upcoming election, I'm moving to Canada.
  6. Well get your shit ready because it ain't happening.

  7. Ron Paul will run and win as a Republican.
  8. The man spoke some sense.

    It isn't very often that I will conceed that to many politicians.
  9. I always thought he'd remain an independent party. Nonetheless, he may or may not.

    Who's to say? President Obama did kill Bin Laden you know.

  10. And...?

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul: Bin Laden Death Raises More Questions[/ame]

    Ron Paul would slaughter Obama in a debate.
  11. And? That weighs some in voters mind. Which is what counts on election day.

    Probably would, probably wouldn't. Could give a shit anyways, I'm not voting. :smoking:

  12. Ron Paul just needs a kick ass propaganda generator. He has all the ideas but just spews them out. He needs to be refined and reborn. He just basically needs a lot of money pumped to him, his message will do the rest.
  13. What is that about? Abortion?
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    Oh God...
  15. Yes..

    Ron Paul on Abortion


  16. Where did she even post that and what does abortion have to do with this thread?

  17. lol :smoke:

    Do you believe everything this guy tells you?

    Get off my back.
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    No..but through the process of elimination I've found that he's by far the most honest and beneficial potential president. There's nothing inherently brilliant about what he says, it's mostly just common sense. He doesn't sugarcoat reality. Tell me how is printing more money to pay our debt, weaking the dollar and lessening its credibility and raising the deficit daily benefiting this nation?

    Btw Ron Paul does not share my views on abortion. He believes it should be left up to the states and I have a more strict idea about what needs to be done... It's a compromise. That's what people should do when they vote, they weigh the pros and cons of all potential candidates and decided which candidate, you think, has the most amount of pros with the least amount of cons...

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