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Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Night of the Living Dead (remake)

    Watching this stoned is insane. Zombie movies are awesome!

    This is one of the classics. I think the best one is the original dawn of the dead, though.

    Land of the Dead was pretty fucking lame if you ask me too. But they're got the remake of Day of the Dead, and The Diaries of the Dead coming out in 2007, so I hope they've worked out the kinks.

  2. I love these films, i have Night and Dawn on DVD, Day on VHS and Land on my PC i could watch them all back to back if i had the time.

    Never seen the remake of Dawn or Night though.

    Dawn is my all time favorite though, but that blonde specail forces guy pisses me off, he got what he deserved :D

    Again, i love these films.
  3. Love these movies the original Dawn is just the best. I have...

    Night of the living dead 1960 version on DVD
    Night of the living dead 1990 version on DVD
    Dawn of the dead 1970 version on DVD
    Dawn of the dead 2000 version on DVD
    Day of the dead (80's) on DVD
    Land of the dead on DVD

    Other Romero film I have that are not zombie related.

    Martin on DVD
    Theres always vanilla on DVD
    Season of the witch on DVD

    All anchor bay editions to. George Romero is awesome.
  4. Also you NEVER fuck with Bub
  5. Haha you mess with Bub! Bub will fuck you up haha
  6. haha I've actually met him...I was at a horror convention ( I'm a huge horror fan ) and he's cool I didn't talk to him or anything but a great guy :D
  7. Hey Rasta, have you ever seen Peter Jackson's "Brain Dead"? It also goes under the title "Dead Alive."

    It's a pretty cool zombie/gore movie.
  8. Try watching Shaun of the dead haha awesome spoof flick.

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